Sunday, 25 October 2009

1989 reprised

Twenty years ago, Ceauşescu had only weeks to live as over November and December 1989 the threads unravelled from his web of self-deception; as Wiki has it;
By 1989, Ceauşescu was showing signs of complete denial of reality. While the country was going through extremely difficult times with long bread queues in front of empty food shops, he was often shown on state TV entering stores filled with food supplies, visiting large food and arts festivals where people would serve him mouthwatering food while praising the "high living standard" achieved under his rule. Special contingents of food deliveries would fill stores before his visits, and even well-fed cows would be transported across country in anticipation of his visits to farms. Staples such as flour, eggs, butter and milk were difficult to find and most people started to depend on small gardens grown either in small city alleys or out in the country. In late 1989, daily TV broadcasts showed lists of CAPs (kolkhozes) with alleged record harvests, in blatant contradiction to the shortages experienced by the average Romanian at the time.
How very different to the home life of our own dear Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Seems exactly like the home life of our own dear Prime Minister. His podcast about the recession being over contrasts badly with the real truth. His (in)famous statements about the UK being the best placed country to handle a recession are contradicted by the facts that France & Germany have recovering economies while the UK is still wallowing in the depths. Let's hope he continues along his current path & has a Ceauşescu Moment at Christmas - it would be a great present for the country.

sean lynch said...

Brown is utterly delusional and in denial of reality and categorically someone who is so seriously mentally ill should not be Prime Minister, but then again he isn't, he's a puppet leading a puppet government, Mandleson and the E.U. have control.

Blue Eyes said...

I did like Brown's "promise" that the economy will start growing by January. Does he think there is a policy button he can press for that? What happens if we do have growth in GDP but the dole queues keep getting longer (as many predict)? Will he proclaim a great success?

Nick Drew said...

BlueEyes - reminds me of Patricia Hewitt promising she'd fix the NHS budget deficit, and TonyB promising all manner of improved statistics

the promise is made as soon as they've been assured the statistics will be fixed