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Monday, 19 October 2009

BBC Question Time may backfire

There are very many ordinary people in the country who are concerned at levels of immigration, concerned at the social effects of Islam and concerned at the threat that multiculturalism poses to their traditional way of life. The main parties have largely ignored these concerns, and as a result a million voters have cast their ballot for the BNP.

The BBC is setting up Question Time to offer Nick Griffin a mass public show of distaste; from both the panel and the audience, he faces belittlement, bullying, undermining and hostility. This is probably calculated to demonstrate the distaste for the BNP's racism that most people have, and calculated to show the TV audience how mistaken they would be to vote for the BNP.

However, the BBC needs to be very careful this doesn't backfire; ordinary people who have had their own concerns - any everyone imagines their own concerns are reasonable - pooh-poohed by the political class will watch not a fascist bully-boy getting his come-uppance but themselves getting a kicking.

It will make for must-watch TV, anyhow.


Elby the Beserk said...

The fact is that loathsome as they are, they are a legitimate political party, so musty be heard. Agree with you tho', Raedwald - this could be "interesting".

Funniest story from the council elections earlier this year was of a Labour canvasser being chased off the doorstep of a West Indian who told him he was a BNP supporter.

TheBigYin said...

I should think that the ratings for that program will go through the roof, I for one will be watching.

I for one can't understand why a legitimate political party provokes such fear amongst the political elite.

Interesting times...or is it just that there is a GE coming up?

The Great Simpleton said...

I fear you are right and rather than sunlight being the best disinfectant we will have a recruiting sergeant for the BNP, especially if the audience consists of the usual left leaning mob we got after 9/11.

Tyson said...

Could actually go the other way-there is a concerted internet campaign to get BNP supporters on the show. So there could be a disproportionate number appearing to support the BNP. Considering that Labour heavy hitters are boycotting it and the weak panelists the other parties are fielding, Mr Griffin might do well.

Letters From A Tory said...

I find it absolutely disgraceful that the BBC are deliberately manipulating the audience to suit their own ends for an episode of Question Time. Do they ship in a whole load of small business owners to attack Cabinet members? Of course not. This is totally unacceptable behaviour by the producers.

Brian E. said...

Most British still have a sense of "fair play" so if there is too much hostility, either from the panel or the audience, Nick Griffin will have won. The only way with extremists is to let them condemn themselves out of their own mouths, and the more chance they have to put their own viewpoint, the more likely this is to happen. However, judging by present attitudes and opposition, I think Nick Griffin will be the winner whether he appears or not.

Krauser said...

Griffin ought to clean up in this debate. It would take a Jonah-like foot in the mouth not to. Going in it'll be blatantly obvious to all that he's been set up as a sacrificial lamb and the smug self-righteous accusers will make him look good through their own smugness.

He'll also be very well prepared for his big chance, and will restrict himself to bland reasonable sounding statements. They'll try to pin him down on irrelevancies. Something like:

Twat: So you hate blacks?
Griffin: No
Twat: You don't let them in your party
Griffin: We are amending our policy to obey the law of the land
Twat: You're the same as Hitler
Griffin: *sigh*
Twat: *extremely self-righteous grin*

Note the last few times the BNP have been in the media, their supposed "gaffes" were media creations. Few of the hoi polloi are likely to get as wound up as the meeja luvvies.

Anonymous said...

The British people have no one accept the BNP to speak up for them.
God bless Nick Griffin and the BNP.