Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A bonfire of the vanities

The petulant whining emanating from a substantial part of the Commons finds no resonance with a public disgusted at the excesses of many MPs. Complaining about Legg's Limits being retrospective cuts no mustard; guilty MPs are all quite aware that their claims were excessive, and were only made because of the laxity of the system. The innocent - those who confined themselves to reasonable claims - are now being rewarded for their honesty and restraint. The guilty only drag the reputation of Parliament further into the gutter by their querulous whinging.

Pay up and shut up. The nation cares not a tittle for you, just as you care not a jot for the reputation of our Parliament. The sooner you're gone the better, and we can cleanse the stench of your corruption from our nostrils and fling open the windows of the Commons chamber to disperse the mephitic foetor of your iniquitous debauch from our Parliament.

And don't forget that Legg isn't finished yet; those of you who fraudulently claimed mortgage interest in excess of what you paid and who are now being asked to produce evidence could well face demands for reparation that will ruin you. This, too, will be your own fault - your avarice, your hubris and your dishonour have been your downfall.

We've come along way during the term of this Rotten Parliament and fought many battles against your corruption. Maclean - defeated; Brown - defeated; Martin - defeated and disgraced. Now comes the reckoning.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

I share your disgust and agree with your sentiments, but Brown (defeated)? Not yet, I'm afraid.

And Martin, defeated certainly but then elevated to the Peerage.

We're not done with these bastards yet, not by a long chalk.

What other damage might they inflict in the next eight months or so?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Wholeheartedly! We're not done with these BASTARDS until some of them go to prison for their crimes.

Send them down!!

Coney Island