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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Crowding the golf club after-dinner speech circuit

I recall a speaker introducing his eulogy at Ralph Harris' memorial service with the self-deprecating words 'Well, that's the first time I haven't been introduced as Disgraced Former MP Neil Hamilton'

Conservative homers are also being a bit prickly over Tim Montgomerie's post on the winner of the Bracknell open primary 'to succeed disgraced Andrew Mackay'. They need to get used to it. From next year a couple of hundred or so sacked politicians will be competing to earn a few hundred quid from giving after-dinner speeches at golf clubs and company dinners, all billed as 'Disgraced former MP ...'

It has a rather special rendolence. Disgraced former MP Jacqui Smith. Disgraced former MP Derek Conway. Disgraced former MP Jonathan Aitken. Disgraced former MP David Wilshire. Disgraced former MP Shahid Malik. Disgraced former MP Hazel Blears. Disgraced former MP Ben Bradshaw. And a hundred and few score more. The competition for those golf club speaking slots will be intense.


hatfield girl said...

They could form a political party, a sort of salon de refusees. Their manifesto could begin,

We, the people, united in our belief that we did exactly what you all would have done given the chance, are your true representatives.....

ending with,

...and with us you can be sure that we will hold to our principles and promises.

banned said...

"Disgraced former MP Ben Bradshaw"

Yaaay !