Sunday, 4 October 2009

Detonating the Jihadists

It was only a matter of time. Anyone who has seen the X-rays of the drug stuffers and swallowers filled with sausages of cocaine will have wondered what if the packages were not drugs but high explosives. And now the Jihadists have set-off their first bowel-bomber to spectacular if messy effect.

Western technology will rapidly counter even this. Within weeks, all airport entrances will be fitted with multi-waveband signal generators that will detonate the Jihadists before they reach an aircraft. A few exploding Muslims won't keep the Brits from their Winter skiing.


Chris said...

So that's full cavity searches for any young sub-continental gentlemen who decide to fly then. Talk about alienating the base of support. :\

banned said...

Gives a new meaning to 'a*se bandit'.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Chris, why would they pick out young sub-continental gentlemen?

Surely that would be invidious discrimination.

Expect to see eighty-year-old white women subjected to this as well.

And small children.

Time to take the train, methinks.