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Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's immigration, stupid

MigrationWatch head Sir Andrew Green in the Mail and Frank Field and Nicholas Soames in the Telegraph all say the same thing this morning - Labour and Cameron's Conservatives have failed to control immigration, the subject is high on the public's agenda, and a million votes went to the BNP at the Euro elections as a result.

I'm all for skilled, educated and talented immigrants filling holes in our economy - and the evidence suggests that those from Western Europe, the US and Canada and the Old Commonwealth who do so also pay high taxes and place few demands on public services. But with the prospect of income tax rising by 7% to pay for Brown's economic incompetence, I sure as Hell don't also want to keep paying for Nigerian village girls to have babies in my NHS hospital, send them to my free nursery and primary schools, house them in welfare housing I've paid to build and have to pay their upkeep as well.

Until the self-absorbed political class open their cloth ears and listen to ordinary, non-racist people with reasonable views on immigration, the BNP's vote will grow.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how the Conservatives are to blame. They haven't been the government since 1997. It is only in recent years, since the EU was expanded to 27 member states, that the huddled masses other countries don't want have been dumped on our shores.

Umbongo said...

Henry Crun

Unfortunately we rely on the "opposition" to oppose. The Conservatives have not mounted any serious opposition to, effectively, uncontrolled immigration since their defeat in 1997. Any, even non-serious opposition, has disappeared since Cameron arrived. I know it's difficult, now that all legislation (and approval of statutory instruments) is steam-rollered through Parliament - certainly the Commons, but I don't recall anything but a few peeps from the opposition backbenches (let alone the front benches) about immigration concerns. On another and similar tack it was only in August last year that the Conservatives' economic geniuses stopped apeing Labour policies by promising to "share the proceeds of growth".

Accordingly, Raedwald's strictures about the political class - including the Conserative section - are right on the button.

Brian E. said...

The Conservatives did nothing when they were in power, refusing to tighten restrictions for fear of cries of "Racism". Labour further loosened the restrictions largely for the same reason.
It is not racist, in my view, to want to restrict the number of people coming into the country whether it is because the country is already overcrowded or because there is insufficient work for the existing population. I would be against the huge number of people who have come into this country over the past few years regardless of their origin.
And because of the Human Rights Act, we then have to feed them, provide health care, give them housing which is being paid for by the ever smaller working minority. And we can't throw them out if they claim they are in danger going back home or have some attachment to this country where deportation would spoil their family life.
Surely the cry of "Racism" is the last resort of a discredited politician who can't find any other logical arguments against his opponent!

Blue Eyes said...

R, your income tax isn't going to go up by 7%, it's going to go up by 7 percentage points. 22% to 29% is a big jump in anyone's book.

Welfare spending on people who shouldn't be here is a legitimate area to look at.

JuliaM said...

"I don't see how the Conservatives are to blame. They haven't been the government since 1997."

What Umbongo said.

And let's be honest. From what we've seen so far, will Call-Me-Dave do anything different on this subject?