Thursday, 1 October 2009

Labour's Nazi past re-emerges under Brown

This blog has long recommended the establishment of Community Settlements to house and care for unsupported single mothers, economic and health migrants with no skills or who arrive here with debilitating illnesses for treatment at our expense, and those of the underclass incapable of productive work. Ours is a Christian nation, and none, whether illegals or the most disruptive underclass scum of the type that hounded Fiona Pilkington to death, should be thrown on the street without food, warmth and shelter.

Our proposals have always assumed voluntary entry into such settlements; when free council housing and levels of benefits that provide a comfortable life for millions of the idle, the stupid, the cheats and the chancers are gradually withdrawn and run down, those genuinely incapable of supporting themselves must be provided with food and shelter, albeit at the most basic level of subsistence.

However, we've never proposed this as a punishment for being a single mum or anything else; women have full control of their own bodies and what they do with them. Including bearing bastards. If they have a supportive family structure that cares for them and their offspring at no cost to the taxpayer, that's fine with me.

Brown, however, wants to force 16 and 17 year old single mums into hostels as a punishment - with no choice or freedom about it.

We should not forget that Oswald Mosley, the last British Nazi to achieve prominence, was a Labour MP and Minister, and that the roots of fascist totalitarianism lie close to Labour; there's not a fag-paper between National Socialism and Fabian Socialism. As Brown continues to triangulate Labour pronouncements with those of the BNP, to which his party is haemorrhaging votes, expect to see more of this sort of stuff over the next seven months.


Alfred said...

G Brown, on the today programme, yesterday, supported your comment that family should be the first port of call. otherwise I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

It just won't happen - its another electioneering soundbite! Just another "bold new initiative". Just another headline attention grabber. Just another panic filled attempt to placate middle England.

This shower of shit have delivered nothing over the past 12 years and won't deliver on this either.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

My you are in Utopian mode this morning, Mr. R.

But again I say "good post".

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't exterminatory anti-semitism be quite a large fag paper?

hatfield girl said...

Fabians are quite an exterminatory lot. Lok up their history on eugenics. Very nasty. There's a reason why they had faded, mercifully, into virtual obscurity until they became one of the zombie organisations reanimated by the Project to further its aims and command often surprising resources.