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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

MPs' risible attempts to smear Tom Legg

This blog has always been quick to spot a government stooge, and I imagined I'd be rubbishing the probity of the man appointed to head the expenses inquiry in the same way as I've rubbished the fatuous processes of Hayden Phillips or the complicity of Hutton. However, the more I know about Tom Legg the less likely this becomes. He appears to be that rare bird, a public servant with real probity who understands perfectly his duty of stewardship of public funds. So far, he's done very well - the only one in power who has acted in our interests.

It doesn't surprise me that some MPs are now plotting to smear him. They're rotten, corrupt little turds who have been caught thieving from the public purse and this sort of dishonourable behaviour is par for the course. I've equally no doubt that Tom Legg is unsmearable.


Anonymous said...

I hope so too!

Coney Island

Quiet_Man said...

Smears and lies are all the political class have to fall back on now. They chose an honest man to whitewash their sins, big mistake.

Budgie said...

Unfortunately Legg's enquiry was required to omit 'phantom' mortgages and 'flipping' main homes. These were the worst thieving in my view.

As for Legg being above reproach, I am sorry to say that the devious lying specimens attempting to smear him will throw mud and some will stick, even if it is lies.

squirt said...

acting in our interest? I have a family member get six months for stealing a company credit card, he 'made' £3000 and got 6 months. what was Jaqui's punishment? Say sorry? He is one of them.

Spent Copper said...

Spot on Squirt. I cannot understand why my former colleagues are not already all over this and well down the route to taking some of these Thieves to court.

I can only believe that one of Tony Blair's greatest 'successes' was in destroying the values and independence of the Police Force I joined in the 70s, to ensure that its new mission did not include threatening the interests of those with political power.

Demetrius said...

As soon as I see a smear campaign I assume now that whoever is being smeared must be right. It is possible that others may be reacting the same way.

Anonymous said...

The MPs must be assuming that Legg is claiming expenses MP-style. Example: you make a train journey. The ticket costs £38.50. You may claim up to £200 for travel expenses. As an MP you claim £200.

Civil Service Rules (under which I hope and assume Legg is operating): the ticket costs £38.50. You may claim ...... £38.50.

Are they that blind that they assume everyone they meet is bent?

banned said...

They made the mistake of appointing someone who is well into retirement so there is little they can do except tell such fibs ( or give him the David Kelly treatment ).