Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Parliamentary troughers unrepentant

There are still far too many MPs whose only regret is that their troughing was exposed. Jacqui Smith's weasel words in the Commons yesterday expose her as a truly corrupt opportunist, unfitted ever for responsible public office. The groundswell of revolt against Legg's measures to lever payback of our tax reveals that whatever their emollient words in public, guilty MPs are grasping and avaricious troughers, wholly unrepentant for charging the taxpayer for things like cleaning and gardening which those of us outside Parliament rightly pay for ourselves.

The intake of 2005 has rightly earned itself the name the Rotten Parliament. They were rotten when they took their seats and they're rotten now as they face losing them.

Though they wriggle and squirm to escape the spotlight of public scrutiny, our determination to hold them to account brooks no escape. Nor will this fade from the public mind, and a generation of new MPs will be tainted by their rotteness.

They have served their country shamefully, and will sneak away like dirty dogs to revel in their filth. Damn them all.


Anonymous said...

Yep - sums it up nicely. Paying the money back - which they are obviously reluctant to do - is not enough. The "expenses scandal" is nothing short of theft. If your home is burgled, but the robber reluctantly returns your TV, then is he exempt from criminal prosecution? No! Absolutely not! Nor should any of the troughing MP's.

Coney Island

Budgie said...

This will keep rolling until the public gets justice. Every nauseous wriggle only makes MPs more extensively in the news. Why do they do it?

The 2005 Rotten Parliament - I like the term. But MPs still seem to think: a)they deserve the money and b)it's only about the money. No wonder they still don't get it. The theft is bad enough, but it's their nit-picking regulation of the public the compounds the first offence.

abacus said...

well said