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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Retail sales & Harpex

It comes as no surprise to me that we are still in recession. Retail sales remain flat and the Harpex continues to bump along the bottom. Those containers of Kubota diesel engines remain on the dock half way round the world. Only one thing will start to restore consumer confidence - an election. Sadly, Brown and his corrupt cabal care nothing for this nation, and will hold on until the very end.


Budgie said...

I cannot think of a single major economic decision that Brown has got right. Worse, all his bad decisions have had multiple bad effects.

Take his pensions raid: bad for our pensions; bad for the stock market; bad because it drove people to think their house was their pension.

Take his decision to make the BoE use the CPI to set bank rate: bad because it was the major cause of the property bubble; bad for savings; bad for pensions; bad because it hoodwinked people (including himself) into believing the good times were here.

Those are just two. I have never known a more incompetent Chancellor in history. He makes Denis Healey look good.

Blue Eyes said...

Confidence is a key thing. Certainly from a personal perspective there are a few things which I want and which I have the cash to buy but until I can be more certain of job security etc. I am very averse to splashing out.