Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The stench of Harman's hypocrisy

The stench of Harman's hypocrisy assails my nostrils again.

First she want to erode the economic efficiency of the nation's businesses by a lunatic proposal to 'close the gender pay gap'. That pay gap is there for a very good reason; employee remuneration in the absence of taste discrimination (i.e. other than in 'mom and pop' businesses and the public sector, both of which practice taste discrimination) is based on a construct of qualifications + experience + employability factor; given that qualifications and employability are equal, women will always earn less than men because their aggregate experience is less. Their aggregate experience is less because they spend time out of the workplace having babies. This is the economic reality of life - to distort it, as Harman proposes, makes industry less efficient and less competitive. But being a Socialist, she really doesn't care.

Secondly, the recent 'you know where to find me' comment thrown at the plebs after she failed to exchange her details following a vehicle accident. This was Lady Harman in her most haughty the-rules-don't-apply-to-me Socialist elite form.

And now I'll lay odds on she'll oppose Cameron's proposal to raise the universal retirement age to 66 from 2015 - because by that time the retirement age for women will still only be 63 under the Socialist inequality agenda. Cameron has ruled out on 'Today' a 3 year jump for women on the cusp, but this won't deter Harman.

The woman is Lunatic Labour at its most moon-howling dribbling incontinent rug-chewing worst, living in a fantasy world utterly divorced from ordinary people and ordinary lives.


Blue Eyes said...

Some are more equal than others.

hatfield girl said...

'..to close the gender pay gap'

That's 'uncorrect', that's genderist. LGTB (I hope I've got that in the right order, well, actually, I don't care) conformity requires acceptance that gender is self-determined.

So anyone who might be other-determined as female merely needs to assert their maleness and their outdated, fixed by reality, gender determination no longer limits their wage levels.

Tell your employer you're a man. If you're not believed, go to a discrimination tribunal. Later, being 'trans' you can retire under your new gender years earier than your male and earlier self.

banned said...

The law states that if there is no-one to report a crash to then the crasher must report the facts at a Police Station within twentyfour hours. That is the crime of which she seems to be guilty. Open and shut or black and white as we used to say; banged to rights even.

Budgie said...

Surely Lady Harman, like other state apparatchiks, should have a special lane to drive in, so that there would not be those pesky parked cars impeding Her progress? And if She had a chauffeur then the whinging pleb could not have the temerity to complain about Her.

Anonymous said...

how is babby formed?

how girl get pragnent?

Bill Quango MP said...

Surely Lady Harman, like other state apparatchiks, should have a special lane to drive in.

Its the M4 bus lane isnt it?

Mr Straw was caught in a jam near Waterloo at 8.30am while being driven from his home in Kennington, South London, towards Westminster Bridge.

But while law-abiding road users stayed put and grumbled, Mr Straw's vehicle glided into the bus lane...

In 1999, the Prime Minister's motorcade was caught using the M4 bus lane to escape a hold-up.

Ahhh 1999. We forgave the hypocrisy back then.
Learnt the lesson now though haven't we. The hard way.
Give them an inch and they'll take the piss.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

What a shallow thought Raedwald, to entertain the notion of sincere, hypocrisy-free politics.

Blue Eyes said...

"We forgave the hypocrisy back then."

Perhaps you did, certainly millions ignored it. For me it has been ten years of anger at how they could be allowed to get away with it.

The Tories were no saints, but at least they didn't bang on about being purer than pure.

Letters From A Tory said...

Bill, I think they'll take the piss regardless of how many inches they are given. The number of ministers who have been caught breaking the law and abusing their position since 1997 (Blunkett, Prescott, Straw, Harman, Mandelson etc etc) is disgusting.

Blue Eyes said...

LFAT - let's not forget "K or a Big P" - the Prime Minister interviewed by corruption police! And he didn't even quit!

Demetrius said...

Curious really, that some of the worst cases of pay inequality arise amongst the servants employed by Labour ministers. In the interests of equality I will observe only that Harriet talks a lot of bull.

Elby The Beserk said...


The Tories used to resign as well, when it was a fair cop. This lot don't know the meaning of the word.