Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Trafigura's dirty dealings

With sales of $70bn a year, Trafigura is a big player - big enough to buy justice to suppress reporting of its less savoury activities. The company's Wikipedia entry details comprehensively Trafigura's involvement in a waste dumping scandal in the Cote d'Ivoire. Barclays 'encouragement' of tax-avoidance measures also makes it sensitive to media comment.

The Guardian, however, has been injuncted from reporting a forthcoming piece of business in Parliament; Guido carries the question thought to be the subject of Trafigura's or Barclays' wrath.

We must all be grateful to the foresight and perspicacity of Messrs Carter-Ruck in taking so much trouble to bring this matter to a much wider audience than it would otherwise have enjoyed.


Tosin said...

38 degrees is running a campaign on this day email your MP in 2 mins

More information online


lets take a stand together

Anonymous said...

We searched the other articles by David Leigh and the connections seem obvious.

Anonymous said...

The gagging order is no more!

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