Thursday, 1 October 2009

War Criminal Blair to be EU President 'within weeks'

Paul Waugh reports in tonight's Standard that Blair is set to be named EU President within weeks if the Irish vote 'Yes'.

Fine. That sealed indictment from the International Court in the Hague will that much easier to process, then.

69,456,897 Americans voted for Obama in 2008. That's 69,456,870 votes more than it will take to 'elect' Blair as EU President - for we, the people of Europe, won't get a say. The institution and its offices are as totalitarian and undemocratic as the worst of any South American banana republic.

There are times when I am almost reduced to despair at how low we've fallen. However, I'll pour myself a glass and enjoy William Hague's wonderfully accurate prediction;


Alfred said...

Can the little people stop an express train steaming at full chat? If the colleagues are intent upon this then it is going to happen. Our role is now to learn how best to live with this state of affairs and protect the next generation from its worst excesses.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Surely this alone might convince the Irish to vote "No"?

How do we get the message to them in time?