Sunday, 4 October 2009

We must trust Cameron on a referendum

As Dan Hannan blogs, Very well: Alone. Or not quite alone. In a reversal of 1938, it is now Britain that looks to the Czechs for a breathing space. If they hold out, we'll get a referendum.

Cameron is right not to answer the 'What if they don't?' question. You can be sure that the most senior Tory counsel are applying their legal minds to this question and no doubt there will be options - there always are. The national right of self-determination forms the bedrock of all international settlements, a right defended by the UN, and no amount of Labour's totalitarian laws can alter this.

Pressing Cameron to answer now is akin to asking a general to reveal his battle plans to the press. As he represents our only realistic hope of overturning Labour's treasonous accession to the Constitution Treaty without a referendum, we must place our trust in him. He will be well aware what the Tories' chances of a second term are if he fails.


Quiet_Man said...

I'm sorry, but did you just say that we should trust a politician?

Are you feeling well?

Richard said...

Just like we trusted Mr Heath and Mr Wislon, that nice Mr Blair and that brave Mr Brown. We can always trust our leaders to do the right things and Dave is no different. He will look after us ... trust in me ...

Budgie said...

Sorry, Raedwald, your comment is a triumph of hope over experience.

banned said...

Wot Richard said.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Forget it.

His time for trust is nearly over. ALL he has to do is say loud and clear "If elected, we will hold a referendum". No ifs, no buts, no weasel words, no maybes and heretofores. "We will hold a referendum".

He won't do it.

He's toast.

Vote UKIP.