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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

DNA harvesting allegations

If allegations made by a senior police officer that arrests have been used to 'harvest' DNA are proven, then government action is urgently required to rein in the antidemocratic excesses of the secretive ACPO cabal.

There is one figure that these seditious conspirators refuse to provide, and it is this; how many convictions have resulted primarily from the DNA records of unconvicted persons? The true answer must be negligible - even infinitesimal - otherwise they would trumpet it. That police officers choose to ignore evidence when it doesn't suit them will be no news to many, but that they do so on an issue of fundamental liberty for tens of thousands of citizens is almost criminal.

We really must grasp this monster firmly and slice off its head.


patently said...

Worse still, when pressed for such evidence police spokesmen always refer to the Sally Ann Bowman case, where the offender was indeed found entirely by DNA matching.

What they routinely omit to say, however, was that he was found by a match taken when he was arrested after the offence for an unrelated pub brawl, and his sample matched with a DNA sample taken from the crime scene, that had been retained since then.

So his conviction was in no part due to the retention of offenders' DNA samples, and the reliance on it is (at best) misleading.

Dungeekin said...


One would expect no better from the paramilitary wing of the ONS.


Budgie said...

Day after day we see the state exposed as sordid, corrupt, and Stalinist. This did not start 12 years ago, of course, but it sure has multiplied since Liebore took office.

Anonymous said...

DNA Database removed for people who are innocent? This practise must stop?

Do you really think that, even with this expose, that the police (sponsored by Labour) will acquiesse? Really?

Bill Quango MP said...

Very strange stories on the radio phone ins of people having to give DNA if they were a witness to a crime. If they have collected someone from the cells, if they have been accused of an offence even without any evidence being presented.

This all sounds much more sinister than I had previously thought.

circus monkey said...

A few years ago I saw some clown of a scientist oon T.V. saying it would be a good thing if we were all micro chipped at birth. I thought then that either he was a nut or that the programme was a spoof. Now I am not so sure.

Anonymous said...

What does it do to a person to know the State has your Identity and can do what they like with it, if you do not conform?

Identity-theft robs the desire to rebel and protest.

JuliaM said...

"Worse still, when pressed for such evidence police spokesmen always refer to the Sally Ann Bowman case..."

As does Postman Pat in CiF today.

He's getting a well-deserved monstering in the comments, though...

Bill Quango MP said...


You're not kidding. I just read the first page and postal Al is getting murdered.

His own article is contradictory and just helps load the ammunition into the rifles of his opponents.

Malcolm Tucker, Malcolm Tucker.. emergency.. Dr Tucker to the green room please.