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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Good Oh! Technology for a Fortress Britain

It's not often that the Comrades cheer me up, but this announcement from Leeds Polytechnic Metropolitan University has done so;
The Copenhagen conference is rich in the number of technical issues covered including migration. However, what is less explored is how states will respond if told they could be facing over a billion people being forced to migrate if the world’s temperature rises by more than three degrees.

This workshop will, therefore, examine how the current revolution in military affairs has financed a new generation of weapons and control technologies in the "war against terror," and how these will become rapidly reoriented toward area denial and for border exclusion purposes.
Good Oh!


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Control technologies"

"War against terror"

"Area denial"

I can't wait.

When are we going to rise up, drag these people out of their comfy offices, and hang them?

If we wait much longer, it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

The EC 'security project' websites are well worth keeping an eye on.

William Gruff said...

A 'new generation of weapons' for 'area denial'?

Surely a decent shotgun is all one needs?