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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hiding the State won't work, Liam

The Guardian carries details of Liam Byrne's wizard new plan to counter criticism at the size of Labour's State - he's going to hide it. Anonymous office blocks in Slough, Swindon and Croydon will be used to shelter thousands of Whitehall civil servants disguised as commercial sector staff, and the use of PO box numbers and 0845 numbers will hide the whereabouts of the rest of the central State.

Labour hopes that by dispersing the State's functionaries, the degree of power held by the State will be less apparent.

Um, it won't work, Liam. You see, people judge the intrusion of the State into their lives by its effects, not its town of origin. Choke-off the powers of the central State, and the machinery of the State will wither on the vine. Wherever it's located.


JuliaM said...

If they manage to do this (and it's a VERY big 'if'..) then I predict one thing.

The civil service travel and subsistence budget will go through the roof...

andrew said...

off subject, but did you see this story? uk government gives serious consideration to culling one third of uk cows to cut greenhouse gases!!!!

Anonymous said...

andrew, let's hope Harriet Harbint and the rest of the Nulab slatterns are culled first.

Budgie said...

Culling a third of all ruminants in the UK? To support the AGW hoax?