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Thursday, 12 November 2009

In praise of immigration

I wholly support the immigration of skilled, qualified and economically productive persons of prime working age and of whatever ethnic origin into the UK; they increase per capita GDP, they pay for their own housing, and in many cases for their own healthcare, they don't drain resources from the criminal justice system, and one of the great delights of London is the cosmopolitan mix of French, north American, antipodean and other advanced cultures that enrich and enliven our capital. Intelligent, imbued with the virtues of the middle class, fluent in English and respectful of our culture, they are welcome.

What utterly escapes me is the reason Labour has opened the doors of our nation to so many of the other kind; the lazy, the thieves, the sick, the dependent, the criminal, the homeless, the illiterate who depend wholly on out taxes for food, housing, healthcare and education, who compete directly with our own feckless underclass for menial and unskilled work, who decrease per capita GDP, who crowd-out the underclass from social housing, who fill the maternity wards and who to a large extent hate us and our culture.

It's a no-brainer, isn't it?

So I'm against immigration quotas - why damage ourselves? But I'm 100% for shutting the door to any immigrant who can't maintain themselves and their family and make a positive contribution to per capita GDP. And 100% for combing-out all those still clinging to our purses and wallets and bidding them adieu.

So what's the issue, Gordon?


psychotrader said...

let everyone in and let them all pay taxes and bump total employment figures worked for a while for Blair, and letting in all the dross was necessary to get all those easter european labourers to come and support our housing bubble. Thing is, the game changed and the dirty tactic became used up, and all that is left is the down side, but Brown can't just reverse course now, that is the problem.

Great blog BTW

Krauser said...

The former don't vote Labour. That's Gordon's issue.

Anonymous said...

Open borders and the welfare state are incompatible. But it's the welfare state that's the problem. Get rid of that and the immigration problem goes away and so do many other social ills.

This is by no means a "fcuk the poor" position either. The working man enjoyed better provision from his friendly society in 1910 than he'll see from the dole office in 2010.

We gained a welfare state and lost a great deal. That's the real problem.

Ed P said...

Encouraging the immigration of potential NuLab voters reminds me of the (1999?) gerrymandering scandal in Wandsworth.
Only, that was a conservative council, relocating families according to their voting intentions, so a huge fuss resulted. How are NuLab getting away with their outrageous "social engineering & vote grabbing by immigration" policy?

Anonymous said...

"So what's the issue, Gordon?"

I respectfully suggest that you consider this view of Circular Migration. I think that completely explains what is going on here.

Just like Sean Gabb's analysis of the repetitive "modernise" mantra uttered by NuLabour as soon as they came to power in 1997.

Brian E. said...

The problem seems to be as much the "Human Rights" act as the government, although they brought it in.
In other countries, emigrants can't claim any form of social security benefits or allowances, nor would they get free hospital treatment; in a life threatening situation they would get the absolute minimum to ensure their immediate survival, that's all.
Judges have ruled that because of Human Rights, they can't be left to starve, nor can they be left without a home, they can also demand to have their family here in order to enjoy a family life, or can claim, as I read recently, family allowances for children back in their home country.
Stop these benefits, and insist on a proper, government administered, English language test, and they'd soon stop coming and many would go home.

Anonymous said...

If immigration is so super why is there need for such repression of disdsent?
Does not democracy count when Ideology and cash are partners.
After all there was a strong effort to reject immigration of educated and disciplined people in 1940 in the guise of the wermacht and nobody said it was racist.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"What utterly escapes me is the reason Labour has opened the doors of our nation to so many of the other kind..."

Presumably the calculation is that these people will vote Labour.

Everything is subsumed to party advantage with these people.