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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Labour fatally compromised our national security

The Times carries a lengthy piece this morning on how, as Labour so easily shed the blood of our young men in Afghanistan 'to protect the UK from terrorism', they were bending over backwards to encourage as many Pakistani terrorists as possible to emigrate here. And by abolishing exit controls, deliberately lost all track of all those Jihadists from Bradford and Luton who travelled to the tribal areas to train in bombs and terror.

The 'chain of terror' that Gordon Brown draws between Afghanistan and the streets of Britain links Al Queda directly with the Labour Party. For dross, for sleazy electoral gain, for gerrymandering and political corruption, the Labour Party have fatally compromised our national security. God rot their souls.


Anonymous said...

Their souls are already rotten with the stench of resentment of men. They have new identities and await the bolsheviks.

Demetrius said...

On Tuesday 12th May I posted on the issue of Olympic Security Costs, suggesting that we already had in the UK so many high risk groups that the level of vigilance and provision needed to be very high. Higher possibly that the Chinese had in Beijing 2008. 2012 could be a very difficult year.

Ed P said...

Only when Gordon's head is displayed on a spike at the Tower will the harm he and his dim & corrupt band of third-rate troughers start to be assuaged. Almost every day some appalling detail of the underhand and hidden policies of this shower emerges - plumbing scarcely believable depths of treason - that the truly shocking result is we're no longer shocked.
JD's prediction is all too possible - avoid London in 2012.

Budgie said...

Very good point, Raedwald. However, not just terrorists being supplied from here though, it is also money. Recent court cases have highlighted the drugs in, money out to the porous border regions in Pakistan/Afghanistan thus financing terrorism.

Paul Garrard said...

But there isn't a god, so how can "God rot their souls"?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The greatest treason is to hand over the entire country to a foreign power - but they've done that, too.

Beyond any possible contempt.

Letters From A Tory said...

Add to that the outrageous number of 'students' from Pakistan lost in our visa system and we have pretty much the perfect breeding ground for domestic terrorists.