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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let's hope this inappropriate letter writing will cease

There should be only two sources of 'official' condolence letter received by the next of kin of those fallen in battle; a short, formal letter signed by the Sovereign and a longer hand-written letter from the man's platoon or company commander or c/o. Neither will ever be held accountable by next of kin for the particular circumstances of the death.

I'm not sure when this fad for politicians writing letters started, but let's hope it stops. All politicians are liars, many are venal and corrupt, many are incompetent. Not a class of person from whom a grieving widow or mother would welcome a communication. Add to that an entire government and opposition front bench without a campaign ribbon between them.

Brown's savaging at the hands of Mrs Janes may strike many as unfair, but it arose from his own hubris and vanity in penning the damn thing in the first place. Let's hope this inappropriate letter writing ceases.


Budgie said...

One of the things I cannot understand about this sorry and embarrassing episode is why did no-one else check Brown's letter? If I write an important letter I try to get someone to read it through.

With all the hundreds of billions of taxpayers money squandered by the state does Brown not have a secretary (or indeed several)? Unless of course the atmosphere within the bunker is more corrosive, sordid and incompetent than even I imagine.

hatfield girl said...

Thank you for that, R. It is such a relief to read a sane view of what is the wrong with the whole disgraceful matter.

Umbongo said...

What Hatfield Girl wrote

Squirtle said...

Don't you get it, Brown thinks he IS the Sovereign

Savonarola said...

Brown initiated this dodge in the knowledge that word would get out of his caring and sharing and in so doing harvest a few votes. Its only politics with Brown.

That apart the strategem is also designed to assuage some of the guilt he feels when he looks in the mirror. The guilt that comes with faint recognition that his starving the army of funds, because of his hatred of Blair and the military, has resulted in many of these deaths.

One day this guilt will cause him to hit the bottle and beat his wife because of self hatred. A bit like Campbell.