Saturday, 12 December 2009

23rd January - Bring a camera

H/t Spyblog

Those nice people at I'm a photographer not a terrorist have organised a mass photo shoot in Trafalgar Square for 23rd January. Be there or be a Hasselblad.


Tamianne said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting this. This is particularly close to my heart as my husband was stopped and searched (under terrorism legislation)in a quiet London suburb for photographing some interesting clouds! He was told that no further action would be taken but that his details would be kept on a database and he could get into trouble if he kept collecting them (the stop and search forms). But he could keep collecting them for innocently photographing clouds! I'm getting cross just typing about it now!

Also my father, who is a professional photographer, has been stopped in London. It's a real problem for both professionals and amateurs now it seems. It is particularly shocking that they're not just limiting it to possible hotspots in central London.

Span Ows said... the camera joke!