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Sunday, 6 December 2009

End of G8 meetings for the UK

Thanks to Labour's utterly incompetent management of the economy, a future British Prime Minister will be limited to watching the G8 Heads of Government filing into dinner on television; Labour have so mucked our national finances that we are set to slip out of the top ten world economies next year.

So as we beg the top dogs for financial scraps, Osborn will spend his term as Chancellor along with nonentity finance ministers from all the world's second-rate economies excluded from the top table, pushed out of the limo parade and off the red carpet round to the back entrance. To such have Labour brought this nation.

The economy that Labour inherited in 1997 was vigorous and in surplus; with prudent management, reserves would have been maintained to buffer the country in the downturn. But no. Brown's moronic fiscal grasp and the lunacy of escalating stealth redistribution and the flooding the public sector with a tsunami of cash way beyond our means destroyed the asset he was handed.

That Labour's leadership should escape not only unpunished but with devalued honours from this debacle stinks like rotten mackerel. Such malfeasance in public office is deserving of more than censure; when the implications of their destruction of the national finances become more widely understood, I think the people will demand their pound of flesh from Brown and his corrupt cabal.


hatfield girl said...

This will be why Brown is so keen to subsume the G8 into a G20.

Will we make it into the G20 or will we be permitted to attend some sessions, like Spain?

Curmudgeon said...

Does it necessarily follow that once a country drops out of the Top 10 economies it automatically is ejected from the G8?

Budgie said...

I thought I had seen it bad under Labour in the 1970s, but Brown makes Denis Healey look like a financial genius. Brown is not just the most incompetent UK Chancellor I have known or read about, he has brazenly lied and lied again to cover up his negligence, tribalism, arrogance, lack of ability, anger, treachery and pig-headedness.

With ample competition from other MPs and Ministers Brown takes first prize as the worst of the lot. I cannot find a good word to say about him, not one. He should be in prison for the rest of his natural life to protect the rest of us.

Nickname unavailable said...

What a load of rubbish! It's France that is likely to drop out of the G8. They are far more likely to drop out of the G8 than Britain because of their much lower GDP. GET SOME SENSE!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr 'nickname unavailable' but we are now poorer than france (and italy).

purplepangolin said...

What are the chances of bringing a prosecution for malfeasance in public office against Gordon Brown? I would gladly contribute to a campaign fund for this.

Raedwald said...

... and 'nickname unavailable' demonstrates that the truth just hasn't sunk in yet.

The mood of a new Parliament is unknown to us; if there's enough anger when the books are revealed, I wouldn't even rule out a Bill of Attainder rather than a prosecution if the people are baying for blood.

Letters From A Tory said...

Geesh. The legacy of New Labour just gets more depressing by the minute.

squirty said...

"when the implications of their destruction of the national finances become more widely understood, I think the people will demand their pound of flesh from Brown and his corrupt cabal"

Yeah right. Have you not seen enough of both "people" and "Brown and his cabal" to know that they won't care, and if they do, he'll spin them a yarn or just lie through his teath until some other news story tops the news, and either way there will be no pound of flesh. Or if there is, me and you will provide it

Frugal Dougal said...

It's time to stop observing a ceasefire in the way that an incoming government does for the previous one. We need to see the people who have brought us here in court, on criminal charges.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What does it matter, it's not like Britain is an independent country or anything; in a few years there won't even be figures available about "our" economy, it will all just be subsumed in "Europe".

I'll risk repeating a prediction I made a while ago: within the next five years, the permanent members of the UN security council will be the US, Russia, China, France, and the EU. Unless they allow India in, too.