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Saturday, 19 December 2009

A situation of the Jews own making

Back in 1976, when the Race Relations Act was being drafted, both British Jews and Sikhs fought hard to be included in British Law as 'races' rather than faiths. They were successful in establishing that they were a distinct ethnic group with a long shared history and a cultural tradition of their own, and successful in establishing their protection under the Race Relations Act as distinct human races. Moslems, Hindus and Christians could claim no such protection against discrimination, of course.

Fast Forward to 2009. Boy M, from a practising Jewish family, was denied admission to the Jewish Free School for not being Jewish. Or Jewish enough, rather. Because of the past Jewish lobbying to be included in the 1976 Act, the courts had no option but to find that this was racial discrimination, rather than faith discrimination. Now British Jews are crying 'foul', and Charles Moore in the Telegraph is claiming that ' The court is effectively saying that a religion's way of defining its own membership, practised over 3,500 years, is illegal.'

No, Charles. Not a religion's way of defining its membership, but a race's way of defining its membership - and that race was adamant that it was a race and not a religion. You can't have it both ways.

The only way out as far as I can see is for the Jews to abdicate their claim to be a race, and to have our laws amended to recognise Jewishness as just another faith.

This is a situation of the Jews own making - nobody is imposing anything them that they haven't lobbied hard for themselves. The solution is now also in their hands.


Anonymous said...

I am horrified, Raedwald. You are speaking about Jews with something less than 100% blind and enthusiastic support. Clearly you are an anti-Semite.

Even your pen-name - Raedwald - is Germanic, Germanic like the Nazis and therefore anti-Semitic.

Anonymous said...

Oh aren't you brave anonymous. Raedwald are you nuts? You can convert to judaism, be it reform orthodox or otherwise. How on earth can "the jews" consider judaism a 'race'?

hatfield girl said...

The objection seems to be that the boy isn't a cradle Jew. I can understand that. Cradle Catholics have much the same view of converts. For instance, Blair is not really a Catholic; first he's Scottish and secondly he's Presbyterian really. So he's racially and religiously inappropriate, no matter what ceremonies and rituals he goes through. Same for the boy who can't go to a Jewish school.

Whether such schools should receive taxpayer funding is another argument.

Anonymous said...

Oh aren't you brave anonymous.

And aren't you a gobshite, fellow anonymous? Yes. Yes, you are.

Anonymous said...

For instance, Blair is not really a Catholic;

Yes, he is. He spoke the Creed of the Catholic Church, freely acknowledged the Pope of Rome as the Apostolic Heir of St Peter and recanted as heresy all faiths but Catholic and Apostolic Christianity.

first he's Scottish

1. Only for a given value of Scottishness. He has lived his whole adult life in England, represented an English constituency and spoke with an English accent. Now he has rejected his English identity in favour of an Irish Republican identity. Scottishness appears nowhere in the life of the post-pubescent Blair.

2. There are such things as Catholic Scots.

and secondly he's Presbyterian really.

He has never, as an adult, espoused a Presbyterian ethos or attended a Presbyterian church. He has, in fact, expressly rejected Presbyterianism as an heretical error of John Calvin.

Using your logic, I must be a Buddhist because I ate a stir-fry last week.

Hatfield Girl, you are not very well-informed about theology and you would benefit yourself and everyone else if you didn't attempt to appear knowledgeable about topics which are clearly beyond your sphere of understanding.

William Gruff said...

Careful Radders: That notorious old kiddie fidller Greville Janner will be after you.

Budgie said...

The error here to to accept socialist race relations dogma as over-riding everything else. This is where government definitions fall foul of reality. There is also a mix up with skin colour and "race"; as well as ethnicity and "race".

I would abolish all "anti-discrimination" legislation completely. The law already has remedies for criminal acts against people whatever their race, ethnicity or religion. Special "laws" for particular groups only undermines the universality of the law.

Anonymous said...

I agree with budgie. But as an orthodox Jew I have to point out that the term 'cradle Jew' is unknown to us. There is no distinction whatsoever between converts to the faith or those born to it. In my community several luminaries including a rabbi and senior educators have converted to Judaism, I imagine most people here don't even realise. When you say 'the Jews' had the law passed, I would say a small group of Jewish political hacks campaigned for it. The rest of us despise such laws and consider them ridiculous. We want to discriminate just as religious Catholics or Muslims might, when religious ritual requires it. s

Raedwald said...

I agree with Budgie and Anon 6.04; an easy first step would be to remove Jews and Sikhs from the scope of the 1976 Act, but a bonfire of all the taste discrimination legislation is sorely needed.

And yes - the right of Jews, Catholics, Moslems ar any other faith to discriminate in matters of religion (those things rendered to God rather than to Caesar)must be maintained.

hatfield girl said...

So severe is my admonition from Anon 15.23 I hasten to absolve my religious instructors from responsibility for my perceived failings.

I was using the term 'cradle' to denote a means to the acquisition of Faith, Anon. 6.04.

Certainly others can acquire Faith in other ways, but to some degree there is an analogy with the acquisition of a particular language. None of us matches any later-acquired language with the totality of our response to, and expressive use of our mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

You are all beingt reasonable and even obeying rules.
Us bigots care nought for this. And we are a massive tribe.
A different anonymous