Friday, 22 January 2010

Labour MPs defend inequality

There is much squealing amongst Labour MPs at Conservative plans to effect democratic equality should they win the election. Labour are very happy with some sorts of inequality - particularly the inequality in our electoral quotas that makes a Labour vote worth up to five times more than a Conservative one.

Brown, whose essential crookedness and lack of moral scruples have allowed this corrupt and deeply unfair anomaly to continue whilst bleating about 'fairness' will no doubt join the Labour chorus pleading for their iniquitous advantage and inequality to continue.

The UK's inequality in electoral power is beyond third-world standards; as Michael Pinto-Duschinsky told the Graham Committee in 2006
If I can just give briefly the situation in, say, Australia where the system allows up to 3.5% deviation from an electoral quota, New Zealand up to 5%, Germany up to 15%, Canada up to 25% and Singapore up to 30%. We are beyond that so we are off the radar as far as international practice is concerned. I think that causes some real problems of mal-distribution of seats in Britain.
Pinto-Duschinsky also said that it was likely this situation "
is against OECD standards and, dare I say, the standards of the UN Committee on Human Rights, if that is a consideration. I think that it would also probably be against the UN Declaration of 1949 which says that elections have got to be fair."

So Comrades, inequality is OK, yah? Or is there a single Labourite who will stand up for justice and fairness?


Letters From A Tory said...

The fact that such changes would make a Conservative victory in 2015 more likely is irrelevant. It is simply undemocratic to have our voting system in such a distorted state.

Ed P said...

Those NuLab turkeys are unlikely to vote for Xmas. I hope DC makes boundary reform an urgent, first year task: it'll not just improve fairness at the next GE, but at mid-term local elections too.

Elby the Beserk said...

I would add that the system is grossly skewed by the ability of Scottish MPs to vote on matters affecting England, and the converse not being true. Tam Dalyell's West Lothian question remains unanswered, and until it is, we in England will be prey to Marxist Scottish MPs crossing the border and destroying us from within.

As we have been witnessing these past 12 years.

Anonymous said...

I would add that the system is grossly skewed by the ability of Scottish MPs to vote on matters affecting England

Was the matter equally skewed when, in the preceding 300 years, English MPs regularly voted on Scottish-only legislation?

The so-called West Lothian Question is nothing new. It has existed since 1707; the only difference is that, until devolution, it was the West Sussex Question with English MPs ramming through legislation that only affected Scotland for purely partisan reasons and with not even the pretence of democracy.

Somehow I just don't remember hearing any of you whining about the iniquities of that particular system.

David B said...

So two wrongs make a right, do they Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, given that the Scots have 8% of the UK's population, the number of Scots in the UK Parliament is grossly disproportionate.

So much for fairness.

I see Harpie's fixing to have her Jack land a seat and for his seat, no female shortlists will apply.