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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Polly almost right for once ....

I meant to blog on this last weekend, and I think it's still important enough to return to. With the exception of her penultimate para, I agree with every word of Polly Toynbee's New Years Day opinion piece in the Guardian. It is a masterfully penned analysis of Labour's woes.

Labour's electoral schism, between the class warriors and the heirs to Blair, leave them wide open to destruction; a few barbed quips from Hague that make the main news bulletins, or a laconic soundbite from Eric, would do the trick. Yet Dave's team are intent on offering him as the new Teflon Tony and in avoiding negative campaigning, and are missing the chance of landing a few telling body-blows. 'Vote for me, I'm Nice' may be the safest electoral strategy from CCHQ, but it's also the most anodyne and least motivating approach that they could have devised.

The nation doesn't need niceness. We need a strong government with a clear vision. So far the Conservatives have failed to offer this - but there's time yet. I'm still prepared to give Dave up to election eve to come up with the goods to win my vote - although many of you are certain he never will. Let's see.


Letters From A Tory said...

If by 'coming up with the goods' you mean explaining every single policy that he will introduce over the next 12 months, then it ain't gonna happen.

However, he will spell out the direction of travel over the next three months and that should be enough for the voters to make a sound judgement on (in theory).

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

The cretinous announcement of a 'supermarket ombudsman' appears to me to spell out the direction of travel quite adequately.

Anonymous said...

If only CallMeDave would grow a pair and go toe to toe with Gordoom. Labour have left themselves wide open in recent weeks but the Conservatives are either unable or unwilling to put the boot in. Remember in the run up to the 1997 election, Labour's criticism of the Tories was just downright nasty.

Anonymous said...

The maturing and development of Cameron was as Blair's heir. This was his devout wish, to be as successful as Blair who won three general elections with very large majorities. Blair used mirrors and smoke to make the voters think that Labour embraced the aspiring middle classes into a new and cuddly party without clause 4. Labour's pearly white teeth were kept well hidden by the biggest army of political PR men ever. The misanthropic back bench massed socialist MPs merely kept quiet for a short period to fool the gullable.
The failure of Cameron will be that the core Conservative vote will not vote for an ersatz version of Blair.