Monday, 11 January 2010

What the astrologers say

My favourite accurate astrological prediction was that given by Hitler's astrologer in the dark winter of '44/45; he predicted that by May 1945 Germany's misfortune would have been reversed and the future of the country after that was positive. Of course Hitler heard the words but completely misunderstood their meaning, and mistakenly drew hope from the forecast right up until the end.

Now I don't pay much more attention to the predictions of astrologers than to anyone else's predictions, but amongst the more 'serious' astrologers there appears to be a consensus that funny things will be happening to the planets in 2010.

Anyway, distilling down a few forecasts (links at the end for anyone who can be arsed), they reckon 2010 will bring;
  • Global depression equivalent to the Great Depression
  • A worldwide revolt / revolution led by young people during a Summer of Discontent
  • War or crisis involving the US, Iran and Israel in March / April
  • Lots of floods and severe weather events
  • More revolution; 1966 all over again, but more violent
"My vision of one of the possible outcomes of the ‘clash of the Titans’ is this: Our freedoms are gradually and perniciously being eroded away at the moment and, with Pluto having just moved into Capricorn in January 2008, governmental control may well become more extreme. Uranus, particularly when it moves into Aries in 2010, will no longer be able to tolerate its freedoms being curtailed and will revolt in a possibly very sudden and violent way."
So there you are. Uranus will revolt. Must have been the kebab. Let's see how accurate they were next January (if I'm still around).


hatfield girl said...

'More revolution; 1966 all over again, but more violent'

1666 all over again would be good too.

Blue Eyes said...

Or even 1066!

BrianSJ said...

I pass the link without comment

Demetrius said...

I predict that something unexpected and worrying will happen.

Budgie said...

Sorry, astrology is bunk.

Mind you, seers are canny. By predicting that someone in your family will suffer misfortune in the next year (without defining either 'family' or 'misfortune'), a seer has a good chance of being 'right'. How many astrologers predicted the current Western economic meltdown?

I am told it was G K Chesterton who said: 'Those who don't believe in God don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything'.