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Sunday, 21 February 2010

If Oaf Brown doesn't sue, it's all true

Britain has the world's most favourable libel laws for those libelled. Before the Observer published extracts from Andrew Rawnsley's book today, you can be sure every word was crawled over by the paper's libel lawyers; accusing a sitting Prime Minister of such thuggish, oafish behaviour that would have seen anyone else in front of an employment tribunal long ago cannot have been done lightly or negligently.

Rawnsley has described his sources as '24 carat', and the fact that we're reading details of Brown's disturbed and psychotic behaviour this morning supports that claim. Brown's counter-claim that it's 'All lies' can be discounted as a last desperate lie from a man unaquainted with the truth - and one action and one action only will demonstrate Brown's mendacity or otherwise.

If Rawnsley's story is untrue, Brown must sue. If he doesn't sue, we can all safely assume that every word is true.


Anonymous said...

Exactly right who in their right mind would allow themselves to be besmirched in such a way.

Anonymous said...

But its not as though Rawnsley has a reputation for being right wing, now is it? Favoured outlets are Guardian/Observer and BBC. Resigned in a paddy from politicshome when it was sold to a tory supporter.

hatfield girl said...

Truth - tricky concept. Lies, of course, embrace all acts of evil and their perpetrators. (cf Satan Prince of Lies. No wonder they push away religious belief and thinking, it has such a capacity to nail them). Someone's lying and it might be more fruitful to go for who is lying rather than who is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Even if Brown is speaking the truth & the claims are untrue he won't sue - he doesn't have the bottle.

Unfortunately for him, he has already such a very bad track record for his mendacity that who will believe him now - whether he's telling the truth or not? In a moment of quiet reflection, he might like to consider the tale of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'.

Personally, I think Rawnsley's claims fit the exact profile of the weak, indecisive, incompetent, bullying, inadequate PM we have grown to hate.