Thursday, 18 February 2010

Labour's latest tax theft

The Labour Party has long been skilled at diverting public tax funds for private party political use, whether for rewarding their chums, giving contracts to their mates, using the civil service as an unpaid pool of party workers, cramming the mouths of tame Labour Fake Charities with gold or commissioning 'research' that's little more than party propaganda. Every year under Labour, hundreds of millions of tax money has been bled away for party purposes in Labour's cynical and corrupt maladministration of public funds.

Now we know that fish really do rot from the head - and Gordon Brown is behind the most blatant misuse of tax funds to date, the risible progress of his circuit cabinet around Labour's most vulnerable marginal seats at the taxpayer's expense. With the cost estimated to be in the millions, hard working families are paying through the nose for luxury travel and accommodation for this mobile party political broadcast.

It stinks. It's corruption, it's misuse of public funds, it's sleazy and it fouls our tradition of government, soiling as only Labour can everything valuable and good. God rot the bent bastards.

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