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Monday, 1 February 2010

Sack these jessies

Any police officer who refuses to walk the beat alone must be sacked. No sympathy. I walk these streets alone, without the benefit of kevlar bullet-proof vest and a communication system that includes an 'urgent assistance required' alarm button and without the benefit of the full rigour of the law being applied to anyone who assaults me. If a well-armoured and protected plod isn't safe on the streets, then the streets aren't safe for anyone - and we should sack the Commissioner.

And if 'modern' plods are nervous, it's about time they remembered two things well understood by old-time plods;

1. Being polite and respectful to the public will make them your allies
2. Law-abiding middle class blokes are most likely to come to your assistance if you're in trouble - so lay off trying to criminalise them by the overzealous imposition of noddy-offence penalties

In London, the greatest volume of complaints against the Met are over the rudeness and arrogance of individual officers. Patrolling alone will allow these confused individuals to remember who pays their wage, and why.


Nick Drew said...

and if you made them travel to & from work in uniform, you'd treble the uniformed presence at a stroke

Krauser said...

I'm surprised the feminists haven't realised how invested they should be in this.

Their empowered independent kick-ass sistas can only do it for themselves when their is strong law and order / social harmony to protect them. Both pillars are weakening: a reduced and ineffectual police presence combined with general reticence of the bystander male population to come to their aid means these fish are going to be looking for their bicycles in short order.