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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

UK Olympics team could breach Equalities Act

Britain's Olympic selectors could be obliged to provide places in the team for those from poor backgrounds as it emerged today that one in three of the team went to private schools. Harriet Harman, the Equalities Minister, said yesterday "Only seven percent of the population go to private schools, and our Olympic Team should reflect this in the interests of equality. I'd expect to see selectors giving special consideration to poorly performing athletes from poor backgrounds in their final decisions for 2012."

If Olympic selectors fail to put together a team that reflects Britain's social make up, they could be in breach of the new Equalities Act. They are understood to be in contact with the IOC over the proposed changes, and also to deal with an appeal from Grey Mist, the UK older adults forum, who have accused Olympic selectors of age discrimination. "Just look at the team" Mrs Beryl Shanks said yesterday "not a single over-60 amongst them. If that isn't blatant age discrimination I don't know what is."

The gay organisation Stonewall was expected to join the protest today, with complaints that there were too few homosexuals and transgendered athletes in Britain's team.

The IOC had no comment to make.


DC said...

I'm sure the legislation has been introduced solely so that the Harperson can insist she has a right to win Miss World.

talwin said...

For a moment never mind the proportion of those from private schools who may be in the Olympic team.

How about the proportion of MPs from private schools. We know about the high profile ones like Ms Harman herself, but I wonder if anyone has ever taken the trouble to count the rest. Bet it would be interesting.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great satire. :-)

Edward Hanslick-Beckmesser said...

The really frightening thing is that it wasn't till I got to the over-60s bit that I realised it was satire.

Pat said...

Still,it would be good to pick an Olympic team on an equality basis- it would do more to point out the ridiculousness of this legislation to the non political population than any amount of argument.
After all, if my grandchildren's income is to depend on an equality based team, we ought to try it out on something unimportant first.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what about babies and dead people? It's just not fair that they aren't considered. And while Harman is about it, maybe she should make an approach to soldiers who have had both arms blown off and enter them for the javelin contest.

Enforced equality = ridicule of the individual and poor performance to the task in hand.

Coney Island