Friday, 5 March 2010

Conservatives losing on own-goals

Their must be a degree of despair at CCHQ when looking in detail at the latest YouGov / C4 poll in the marginals. The election that should have been a gift, should have been a match between a Premier league and a Conference league team, is being lost on own-goals. We're facing the real prospect of five more years of Gordon, five more years of chip-sizing laws, compulsory walking, joy taxes, penury and economic ruination.

Voters don't like Gordon, but they don't like Dave either. They think Gordon's a thug, but that Dave's a snake-oil salesman, 62% agreeing that he's 'lightweight'. 39% say that none of the party leaders makes them feel optimistic. They don't buy Labour's 'fairness' idea, and blame Labour for immigration - the issue, apart from the economy, that they care most about. Europe isn't an issue. If Dave wins, 70% think things will stay the same or get worse. 37% think Dave's too posh to understand what ordinary people want, and 53% think the Tories are just after power for their own sakes, as opposed to 41% who think the same of Labour. Only 15% think George would be a decent Chancellor - but 27% think that Vince would, and 59% think the economy's the most important issue.

Back in 1893 the British fleet, under the command of the stubborn and obdurate Admiral Tryon, was at exercise in the Mediterranean. He ordered a series of manoevers that brought his flagship, HMS Victoria, directly on a collision course with HMS Camperdown. Despite this being obvious to every officer except Tryon, and despite their urging him to alter course and go astern, Tryon ignored it all. The ships collided, and Victoria went to the bottom, taking Tryon with her. To many Conservatives across the nation, it must seem as though they're the unwitting crew on the Victoria, awaiting the inevitable, in the face of CCHQ and a party leadership on the bridge committed to maintaining their present course and speed.

If Dave wants to win this election, here's what I reckon he must do;

1. Get rid of Osborn. The voters neither like or trust him, and the Eton fag thing damages Dave's standing with the voters. Bring in a heavyweight - Ken Clarke would do - as shadow Chancellor.

2. Carefully articulate how the Conservatives will not only limit but reverse immigration. Bring back housing priority for people with local connections and history rather than those with large families. Reverse the African diaspora, the clogging of our health service and local facilities with overstayers and bogus visitors

3. Hide the posh Chadonnay-quaffing Notting Hill totty and downplay the Wimmin's Quota; this pisses voters off, even women. Fill the airwaves with regional accents, make Conservative Values Yorkshire Values - Hovis, strength and goodness

Making Dave more heavyweight and credible is more difficult - a high-profile visit to the Falklands might help, and I haven't seen a picture of him driving a tank yet. An Easter break wrestling crocodiles may sway a few voters.

Will CCHQ do any of the above? Nah.


DC said...

I'm still not actually convinced that they want to win. If they do they'll be faced with picking up the pieces of the recession. They'll get the blame for the cuts that are going to be required whoever wins. Is a few years of power worth another decade in the wilderness?

Anonymous said...

Snag with Ken Clarke of course is that he is not an English or UK politician, he is an EU politician. If he were to be appointed Chancellor, there would be as little of the UK or England left after his tenure as there would be if Gordon Brown and his next puppet chancellor rule the roost.

I am now taking the Peter Hitchens argument: The Conservative Party as it now stands must be thrashed into oblivion by losing this forthcoming election, and losing it big time. Whatever happens as a result will enable the good honest folk who have been bamboozled into sticking with "Call me Dave" socialism to start again and remake what they thought they previously had.

Anonymous said...

If Dave&Co thinks its OK for me to
stand outside pubs,clubs,lodges,
legions etc in all sorts of weather with a few million other
potential tory voters,he is in for
one big surprise.Just in case a
snippet of political treachery
slipped your attention.
In 2005 the Bolshevics(NuLabour)
promised a partial smoking ban but gave us a TOTAL ONE ,which our
DAVE fully agrees with.And he
wants us in the northern marginals to vote Tory.
More chance of knitting fog.

When is he going to listen to us
instead of the Notting Hill weasels

No Freedom,No Vote. Finis

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Europe isn't an issue?

If Europe weren't an issue with about two million ex-Tory voters who are now planning to support UKIP, Dave would have nothing to worry about.

Europe is an issue. It's one on which Dave disagrees with a huge number of his natural core supporters, and one which he wishes will go away.

But it won't.

Demetrius said...

The trouble is that the Tories should have been doing this 2-3 years ago and also dealing with any obvious disconnects as in Ashcroft. As for bringing back Clarke, much as I like him, in political terms it would be like the Labour Party resurrecting Sir Stafford Cripps.

hatfield girl said...

Until the general election is called nothing will make the Conservatives uncover more than a few, general direction, policies. Until this regime has handed over the keys of office and they are up for grabs, perhaps we should all keep our eye on the first goal - even getting the chance to vote Brown out.

Quiet_Man said...

Bringing in Clark would only make things worse, might even start a civil war in the party. There has to be a better option than either Osborne or Clark.

Steve in Somerset said...

John Redwood.

The more I read his blog, the more that he grows on me.

Aethelred said...

Let's face it we're fucked.

It's like the Norman conqueroring of Britain all over again.

Our money, our culture, our lands are being taken and there's nothing we can do except weep and die.

Still, mustn't grumble.

English Pensioner said...

I particularly agree with your first point. Smiley George is useless, particularly when compared with the likes of John Redwood.
A lightweight can survive as the person in charge only if he has some heavyweights behind him. Unfortunately, Cameron has none.

Budgie said...

I have read our local Tory candidate's leaflet: it is dire. Full of: more spending on the NHS, more "bobbies on the beat". low carbon economy means more green jobs.

This is not what I want and I am not voting for it.

Here is what I do want:
1. Referendum on the EU;
2. Irrespective of the outcome of the Referendum, the UK parliament to have the final say to every EU "law" (if the EU does not accept, unilaterally stop payments to the EU);
3. No more immigration for a breathing space of 10 years.
4. Reduced spending on the NHS (bureaucrats to be only 10% of front line staff);
5. Home dwellers to use any force necessary to evict/trap burglars;
6. Flat taxes;
7. Referendum Act so that people initiated referendums are binding on parliament;
8. A method of forcing the government to balance the books, so that we are never bribed by our own money;
9. A Glass-Steagall type separation of merchant banks from retail banks;
10. A reversal of the database state.

AJ said...

I would agree with Budgie but would also like to see the following.

A recognition that the science isn't settled on AGW/MMCC
A commitment to build a number of temporary coal fired power stations while we build new nuclear powered ones and train the technicians necessary to work them as we seem to have lost the way on this.
An amendment to the smoking act to allow landlords/private club committees to decide whether they allow smoking on their premises or not.
An immediate commitment to giving no more than 10% of the amount given in personal donations to all charities and a complete ban on giving any money to charities that lobby government in any way.