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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Harman pleads for restraint for Labour MPs facing court

Harriet Harman, a qualified solicitor, QC, former solicitor-general and former Minister of Justice, today appealed for the media to show restraint when commenting on the court appearance today of three Labour MPs on fraud charges. "We must restrict publicity because anyone who's committed an offence needs to be brought to trial" said Ms Harman, adding "Nobody should be able to get off a criminal offence by saying 'There's been too much publicity; I can't get a fair trial' ".

Harman later compounded her stupidity by stating openly "It's clear the troughing bastards are guilty, but for the Party's sake we have to pretend otherwise".

See Matthew Parris in the Times this morning.


English Pensioner said...

Yes, once they are found guilty at a fair trial they should be hung drawn and quartered!

Lion of England said...

Yes i would give them,and the other 600 or
so,justice PASS ME HEAD BLOCK,AND ORDER THE HATCHET MAN,even that is to good for the scum.