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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

'No smoking day' - the £1m Fake Charity

Most of you will be familiar with the government's use of fake charities by now - front organisations set up for party political purposes, with negligible or no public donations, their income coming almost wholly from government - and so few of you will be surprised that around £1m a year of your tax money is being pumped into über-Fake Charity 'No Smoking Day'.

You'd think the Charity Commission, under the leadership of Labour party member Suzi Leather, would put a stop to this corrupt and sleazy con-trick on the public .... Oh, I see.

'No Smoking Day' (Registered Charity number 1006714) gets around half its £1m income directly from government in the form of grants, or through other Fake Charities funded by government. The rest comes from flogging 'No Smoking Day' merchandise to, er, health authorities, GPs' surgeries and other public sector organisations.

There is no evidence hat there is ANY genuine public support for 'No Smoking Day' - it's wholly a contrived government con, disguised as a charity.

So take joy today in your tobacco.


Brew Wales said...

Most of the year I do not smoke but today I will be enjoying a cigar to say a big Fuck You to the Government, their fake charities and attempts at social enginneering.

Anonymous said...

I shall be enjoying my tobacco today, like every other day and balls to the lot of them!

Captain Ranty said...

Me too.

I always smoke more on Righteous Days.

One day they'll get the message....


Letters From A Tory said...

And they say that cutting public spending will be difficult without jeopardising the economic recovery.

*roll eyes*

Anonymous said...

ASH UK only received less than 1% of its budget last year from private individuals, the remaining 99% needing to come from pharmaceutical corporations by way of the money-dispersing charities set up by pharmaceuticals, or by way of direct government investment. If enough people fail to respond to today's no-smoking day and smoke, then the amount of money invested by government and pharmaceuticals next year will have to be increased to make up for this year's failure. Of course, I will vote for whatever party promises to spend the most taxpayer money on charities that make suggestions from which more smoking bans can be justified, as normal.

English Pensioner said...

As I don't smoke, I'll go and have an extra couple of pints or so as my way of non-support for the No-smoking day!

English Pensioner said...

As I don't smoke, I'll go and have an extra couple of pints or so as my way of non-support for the No-smoking day!