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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Same Old Labour - Spin, lies, distortion and omission

At 00.01 this morning, the Home Office announced a major new initiative in tackling knife and youth crime. Actually, it was an old initiative. And, er, funded only to the tune of £5m across the country, which is absolute peanuts. OK, let's start again.

At 00.01 this morning, the Home Office announced a minor continuation of an old initiative that has not succeeded in tackling knife and youth crime. Ah, you say, but the press release is filled with selective statistics from 2008 / 09 showing how successful Labour has been in reducing youth crime. It may be a minor initiative, and it may be an old initiative, but surely it's working?

Why, in that case, has the government embargoed the publication of the Youth Justice Board's annual summary of youth crime stats for 2008 / 09, due to be published in March 2010, but delayed until the Autumn for reasons that have left Home Office civil servants squirming in embarrassment at the lameness of the excuses they have been forced to make? The Indie has the story here. Surely, if youth crime has fallen, they'd be eager to publish the evidence?

Same Old Labour. Same old spin, lies, distortion, omission and misrepresentation. Brown's government are so twisted in lying and mendacity that I doubt even they can keep track of the truth any more. What a way to run the country.


Scrobs... said...

"Same Old Labour. Same old spin, lies, distortion, omission and misrepresentation."

And now same old terror tactics by their discredited 'henchmen' spurting £11m at them.

Anonymous said...

From the day they came to power. Why did they (immediately) get rid the parliamentary press commission and replace that with "spin doctors"? Controling the media, controling the message....controling the country.

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The evidence of my eyes and ears strongly suggests different departments in the BBC are competing for attention in the Millbank sock puppetry competition.

And whose hand is up 'em eh, Alastair? Damian?

Not just the same old spin - the same assholes orchestrating it.