Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A short intermission

Sorry, but I'm just not indignant about anything today. Usually the first coffee and a scan of the news sites produces something to raise my indignation, but not this morning. The three Chancellors? The public verdict seems to have been that all were crap, but Darling was marginally the least crap. Phooee. ACPO to be subject to the FOI Act, but not for a year? That will give the shadowy bastards time to shred the evidence, then. The IPSA's Commons expenses rules? Too late.

No, my thoughts this morning are on the water voles of Crossness. You know what it's like when the builders are in; the upheaval of moving to an hotel, nervousness about whether they will sculpt the new ditch bank in the right way, whether the new reeds will be as good as they looked in the showroom. Add to that the worry that, as a walking meal for a host of predators that needs to have a dozen babies at a time, you've suddenly got 50 infants in the hotel with you and the chances of a peaceful sleep are out of the window.

I used to spend hours watching the antics of these delightfully busy little chaps down at Hawks Mill. 'Streetview' lets me see that the mill and the millpond are still there - but are the water voles, I wonder?

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Scrobs... said...

Dunno why, but this makes me feel very warm to everyone - well nearly everyone!

They're enclosing and trapping lizards at The Pinetum, because they need more parking space. (The Forestry Commission, not the reptiles...)

It must be costing thousands, because there are plastic barriers stuck up everywhere, and I presume they trap the little chaps to move them elsewhere for a new life, and a good thing too!

Reason for doing this? Tunbridge Wells in their infinite wisdom refused to allow temporary parking elsewhere on the site, where there is masses of room!

So the Forestry Commission have to spend much more on a brand new car-park, which will be a blight on the scenery for years to come.