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Sunday, 7 March 2010

'Single mums are parasites' - Times

In a hard-hitting opinion piece, Minette Marin hits the nail squarely on the head in the Times today.
The problem with this new type of extended family, (Geoff) Dench says, is that it is not self-sustaining but tends to be parasitic on conventional families in the rest of society. In fact, it appears to lead inexorably to the nightmare of an unproductive dependent underclass.

The economist Professor Bob Rowthorn commented with some feeling last week that man-free women are very mistaken to imagine they don’t need men. The truth is they desperately need men in the form of all those male taxpayers (to say nothing of female taxpayers) who are forced to pay for a way of life that they don’t approve of and that they know to be socially disastrous. It is hugely unfair to make responsible people who are struggling to support their own families struggle harder still to support women who won’t work.
The costs, of course, aren't just the costs of housing and benefits for the single mums and their bastards, but grossly higher lifetime costs to remediate the impacts of children growing up without their biological fathers - bastards take a disproportionately high share of criminal justice costs, health care costs, education costs, social welfare, police and probation and housing costs. And the rest of us are paying for a 'lifestyle choice' that we don't endorse.

This may be Labour's idea of 'fairness' but it isn't mine. I've said before, anyone can make whatever 'lifestyle choice' they like, so long as they pay for it themselves. They can kill themselves with cocaine, overdose on rent boys, pickle themselves in Bollinger and bear bastards enough to staff a laundry - but don't ask me to live a frugal, industrious and responsible life to pay for it. Because I've had enough.


hatfield girl said...
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Pat said...

Back in the day, a guy had to show a girl that he was responsible before he could get his leg over. Its amazing how responsible young men can become given that incentive!
Of course most of these women are being aided by irresponsible men- the "fathers" are not the well educated elite. Their choice- their responsibility
I seem to recall one of the United States decided to give no benefits for second or subsequent children- amazingly the number of second children born to single mothers dropped rapidly.
It should not be forgotten that an unemployed man has nothing to contribute to a family- a mother with children is financially better off without him- it isn't always the man leaving, sometimes he's chucked out.
Of course raising the personal allowance would, as well as encouraging young men to seek work, make them more desirable to keep around.
A National wage would similarly make them more useful to their mates.