Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Support from an unexpected quarter

What would you imagine the result of a Guardian poll into smoking would be? Yes, me too.

Yet it seems three-quarters of Guardianistas support Barack Obama's right to smoke:

Looking at the comments, it seems the truly demented green-ink anti-smoking ravings come from the medical profession; take this semi-literate rant;

he DEFINITELY should quit. i am a physician. HE is controlling healthcare reform. HE and all the mandators require us in office to discuss smoking, suggest methods to quit, etc, AND if we do NOT do this, the insurance companies DING us in reviews of charts, etc, AND there is potential EVENTUALLY for reimbursement cuts if we DON't do this.

THIS is what has been created in healthcare, and HE should be under the same constraints as EVERY OTHER CITIZEN.


Hmm. Maybe Stalin was right about doctors ...


Anonymous said...

HA! You finally admit it! Stalin was a Conservative!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Doctors worldwide get their wages from either the state, big pharma, who sell nicotine replacement therapy, or health insurance who want to reduce outlay.

Only one way they will ever lean, it's human nature.

Life in moderation doesn't fill their bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

The Guardianistas would support the Massacre of the Innocents if Osama were in favour of it.

I can't help thinking of him as Blair with a suntan and a funny accent