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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Troughing Labour Scum let off with wrist-slap

Troughing Labour scum Alan and Ann Keen, who robbed the taxpayer of £175,000 for their up-market apartment, and who have claimed £1.7m - yes, £1.7m - between them in expenses over seven years, were let off wit a mild wrist-slap by the Labour-dominated Standards and Privileges Committee today, a fine of £1,500.

It seems the bent bastards in this Rotten Parliament have yet to learn their lesson; the days are gone when guttershite crooks like the Keens and their corrupt Labour cabal can dung-over their graft and venality.

Fish rots from the head, and it is Brown's thuggish culture of jobbery, fraud, graft and dishonesty that encourages talentless Labour dags like the Keens to thrust their snouts in the swill and drink deep. Nothing has changed.

If the Keens were pelted with filth in the streets and the expensive clothes torn from their backs it would be no less than they deserve. They are leeches, parasites on the public purse, and no better than crackheads robbing the church poorbox. May their souls rot in Hell.


Neal Asher said...

Right from the start the labour party was like a bunch of malevolent children let loose in the sweet shop. May their teeth and bowels rot.

Umbongo said...

The Chairman of the Committee is Sir Malcolm Rifkind - a Conservative. Yes, half the committee comprises Labour MPs but I have failed to find a minority report deploring the lightness of the sentence. All MPs are in it together and they're all moral criminals. This couple - had it been you and Mrs R - would (in the absence of a conveniently enacted clause exempting you from dealing honestly with your financial affairs) have been prosecuted by the Inland Revenue. So, although I agree fully with your sentiments about Brown and the Keens, don't let the Conservatives (or any others) get off the hook of the spectacular cupidity - or tolerance of same - of every MP in the House.

Anonymous said...

Here's the ironic thing - Ann Keen is my local MP and her house is 100 yards from mine... But I can't pelt her with fruit, as she lives in a swanky Thames-side apartment, that I'm fucking paying for...

Bill Quango MP said...

Heard about it on LBC today or I wouldn't have heard about it at all.
Luckily James O'Brien has Mrs Keen as an MP and made clear his thoughts about her.
From memory but the gist is correct ..
"I happen to have the most useless and corrupt MP in the United Kingdom. I have asked her onto the show on many occaisons to defend her position and she ahs always declined.
I don't blame her. Why would she appear on a radio show without any possible defence for her actions. "