Wednesday, 21 April 2010

1977 and all that

I remember 1977 very well. Beer was 25p a pint and 20 ciggies cost 27½p. We had a Silver Jubilee and HM visited Ipswich. Docklands were, er, docks and warehouses not expensive apartments with pressure-blasted brickwork and little galvanised steel balcony rails. And we had the Lib-Lab pact. And pound notes.

Of course we had the Ramones, the Clash and the Pistols as well. And Idi Amin, whom we were unaware had been eating his wives. And 15% inflation.

Ah, happy days.


Manganese said...

I go back a decade a visit to the Prospect of Whitby in London's East End. Small boys, in the street outside where we had parked, asking for money "To look after the motor" I think it cost a shilling. About the only flat you'd find round there at the time was one on your car if you didn't pay up.

Happy days indeed.

Blue Eyes said...

Well beer is now significantly cheaper than a packet of fags. As a heavy-drinking non-smoker that sounds about right to me.

TheBigYin said...

I must be in my dotage Raedwald, I was a lad of 25 then but can't for the life of me remember the cost of a pint or a packet of fags.

I can still remember though the Clash, Ramones and Idi Amin when he kicked out all the British Asians. Heady days indeed.

Umbongo said...


Shit! No wonder I always got my car damaged - I only passed over sixpence! I tell you something though - I had no qualms about going down to the East End in the 60s and, more to the point, taking my girlfriend with me. This protection racket aside it was completely safe - or seemed so to the occasional visitor.

Demetrius said...

In 1977 I drove down to Portugal and back. It was a great deal cheaper than flying and more fun.

Robert said...

The Uganda Asian 'crisis' was 1973 under Heath.

1977 was the start of the wage control which led to the Winter of Discontent in 1978/79.

Bill Quango MP said...

Why things ain't what they used to be..

We used to have proper strikes.
Not these poncy trolley dollies complaining about a make-up allowance.
Rubbish going uncollected, all road transport completely banned from Hull unless agreed through the pickets by a workers committee of strikers. Hospitals Closed down by strike action.

And terrorism.Proper balaclava clad hitmen machine gunning the front doors of opponents and putting bombs in Harrods. Not beardie weirdies blowing off their underpants.
Palestinians taking the Olympics hostage and flying tourists to Cuba.

Newspapers people read - always keeping 2p for the phone box - Texan bars - violence - women's lib and the ecology party - Anarchists - proper Trots - millions of them. Not these soppy media students twittering their mates about where to meet for some Pinot.

Proper lefties with flares and denim and excessive facial hair and dreams of communism. Not these hair gelled, deodorised, designer trainers youth of today.

And the Red Army poised to attack - 35 million armed soldiers and nuclear weapons and 350 submarines - Not some rag tag bunch of religious loonies making roadside bombs from old artillery shells.

Just finished a book on the 1970's. I was only 10. Amazing how very violent, decaying and extremely socialist it was.
No compromise, no middle ground.
no money. A country in decline. even this left leaning book couldn't find much positive from that era. Gay Lib and racism becoming unacceptable the main winners.