Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The coming death of the political class

We still hate them and they still don't get it. Those loathsome turds, the 'professional' politicians, spin merchants, political organisers and their sycophantic dags both in the MSM and Web 2.0 are still behaving as if nothing has changed. There are still those blinkered and foolish enough to believe the mantras of the political class - 'politics is a profession' and all the rest. We're sick of them and they rate lower than a snake's arse in the popular imagination. We know very well that none of the three main parties is telling anything like the truth on the scale of budget cuts to come and extra taxes to pay and the hempen rope party if it existed would probably take the majority of seats on May 6th.

And yet they're still behaving as if nothing has changed, with their fingers in their ears going 'la la la' and hoping all the nasty anti-politics will go away so they can carry on playing politicians.

Everything has changed. And before long they're not going to be able to ignore it.


Anonymous said...

Yea but once Britain goes bankrupt and lapses into caos they'l bugger off to cushy jobs in Brussels.
That's they porky little fingered gits plan.

Anonymous said...

You might well be right Sir, but as a mere voter I am stuck in a bit of a dilemma.

I'm in Bournemouth West, the neglected constituency of that retiring expenses trougher John Butterfill.

I checked the list of available candidates for next week, which read

1x Independant

Now if one accepts that the "big three" are the hated status quo, offering little difference in policy (in thier attempt to court the marginal groups which thier polls tell them are so important), that UKIP are a bunch of nutters, and that the lone Independant could be just about anything from a Green to a Nazi - who the fuck do?

I now realise that as a non-marginal voter I count for literally nothing. So I fear I'll be amongst those who'll find something better to do next Thursday.

I don't even get the option of a suitably offensive protest vote. The system is broken.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Sod the Lot vote UKIP

Bournemouth Voter said...

Bunch of Nutters?

Perhaps you should get out more?

PJB said...

"UKIP are a bunch of nutters"

Up until fairly recently this was certainly a valid concern, and still is to some degree.

However, things have improved a lot, and continue to do so. Check out their manifesto, policies, and main people, and decide if the comment is still valid.

How could they possibly do any worse than the current lot ?

Richard said...

That's a nice theory, but it's not really backed up by the facts; by the polling data. The majority of the public for better or for worse have not violently rejected the political class at all.

Actually the main beneficiary of the anti-politics mood, such as it is, has been Nick Clegg, who is the ULTIMATE "political class" man.