Thursday, 15 April 2010

Farewell, DK

For what it's worth, I thought Chris Mounsey didn't come off as badly with Wiggy as others have written. Still, all of us have a life, and I understand fully Chris' reasons for closing the vastly entertaining DK down.

Trying to get libertarians into a formal political party must be a bit like herding cats, and LPUK's membership is certainly not reflective of the vast number of Britons who would describe themselves as libertarian to some degree. Wiggy failed to realise that as Cameron felt obliged to attack libertarianism in coded words in his manifesto launch, LPUK's birth signalled a significant cohort of public opinion that the political class can't ignore.

As I've said before, I'm no libertarian. But I'm infinitely closer to their position than I am to Stalinist Statism, and so I'm genuinely sorry to see Chris' wings clipped.


Letters From A Tory said...

"I'm genuinely sorry to see Chris' wings clipped."

It's nothing more than that. It's not like he couldn't have chosen to write without swearing before, he just didn't feel a need to omit it. Now he will - problem solved.

Budgie said...

DK's writings also were cathartic for his readers. Frankly Andrew Neil was being priggish: it is a pity Chris Mounsey did not challenge Neil to assure us that he has never sworn himself.

Politicians have too much power over us, and sometimes the only way to apparently equalise the imbalance is to swear or imagine a suitable revolutionary demise for them.