Wednesday, 7 April 2010

It's Character, stupid

One salient fact has percolated through to the minds of the nation's voters; the MPs they've hitherto returned to Parliament have been somewhat morally deficient. We are also in the early stages of post-tribal politics, for with the retreat from the grass roots of the major parties, such allegiances have withered. This election, unlike any in living memory, will put the character of candidates under the spotlight; every time they glad-hand a constituent, the unspoken question "Are they bent?" or more probably "How bent are they?" will hang in the air between them. For many voters, manifesto commitments will be as unintelligible as you are to your cat - they will listen with polite interest, but the noise will mean little to them.

And for the first time, when every cellphone has a video camera, when every voter has a facebook page or a blog, a whole world away from 2005 in technological terms, would-be MPs will be as exposed as never before to recording, scrutiny and dissemination. The magic of MP status has been broken on a wheel of porn videos, bath-plugs and duck houses, and the public will regard Parliamentary candidates with all the care they would accord to suspected paedophiles.

Yesterday we saw the user-Web expose Brown's fake supporters at St Pancras and give notice to Brown's clumsy mis-speaking, and such things I think will be the keynote of this election. Grainy cell-phone videos on Youtube will document the progress of the campaigns across the country, and citizens who challenge, berate, chastise or heckle candidates will each claim their fifteen minutes of fame.

I suspect that two or three weeks into the campaign, the parties will realise that Character, not politics, will be the key theme of this election. Then it will really start to become interesting.


Demetrius said...

Today I deconstructed the Brown outing in UK For Sale, it left so many hostages to fortune. You might like it.

Johnny said...

Shouldn't that be "butt-plugs"?