Wednesday, 21 April 2010

LibDems are the epitome of the loathsome class

A Parliamentary party whose MPs are largely PR and spin merchants, whose snouts are deeper in the corruption trough than most, who favour an electoral system under which MPs are selected by party headquarters and not by local voters, who support a rigid system of central Statist control and social engineering is the very epitome of the loathsome political class. Not only that, but vote Clegg and get Von Rumpy. Voters, I suspect, know this, but right now their disgust with both Labour and Cameron's Conservatives is such that 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' in terms of using any tool to deliver a decent kicking to the Parliamentary duopoly. And really who can blame them.

Right now, the country still wants to inflict pain on politicians. This is more important that our international credit rating, than the confidence of the City, than inflation and unemployment. We still haven't seen the bastards suffer.

There is only one action that Cameron can take that will swing a significant number of voters to the Conservatives; sit down in Parliament Square, douse himself in five gallons of premium unleaded and immolate himself, in the manner of Thich Quan Duc in Saigon in 1963, with a sign simply saying 'Sorry'.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

No, there is one other thing Cameron could do.

He could make a believable promise that he will actually hold an in/out/Norway referendum on the EU, with no weasel words, no small print, and no hidden deniabilities.

Of course, the "believable" bit would the hard bit, after his Cast-Iron lies last time, but if he could pull it off, that would be the end of UKIP and a lot of his core vote would return.

Naturally, this will not happen.

Budgie said...

Rather than an in-out referendum which will frighten the horses, it would be better for our UK parliament to legislate for the final say in any EU law to be at Westminster. Then the buck would stop in London, the EU would be emasculated, and we could hold the UK government to account.

Umbongo said...

Dave is in real trouble. If he continues his present Blair-lite route he's stuffed because Cleggie will always outBlair him. If he changes tack now, who would believe him?

Mac the Knife said...

"...and immolate himself, in the manner of Thich Quan Duc in Saigon in 1963..."

You're such an old softy...