Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Magistrate Speaks

I can't recall quite how long I've been reading the Magistrate's Blog - three or four years, perhaps. In all that time I have been uplifted and enlightened by his observations on the front line of what has been described as the 'broken society'. His evident empathy, his basic humanity and his transparent probity shine through, tempered with utterly depressing tales of the asinine 'modernisation' of the magistrates court system by a new 'managerialism' that has infected almost every aspect of public life. In fact his balance and neutrality, and his equanimity, have confirmed what I suspect I knew well already - that I would make a lousy magistrate. A really bad one.

What the old chap's never done is comment critically, directly and at length on the nature of the laws the he's required to administer. Before now.

It's a one-off post I suspect, and well worth reading. HERE.