Friday, 23 April 2010

Noose tightens for Labour in London

Whatever the effect of the LibDem surge in the polls on Parliament, at a local level here in London it could well draw the noose tight around Labour's hold on the capital, forcing the party into a Berchtesgaden-like redoubt in East London. The Evening Standard printed the graphic reproduced below in last night's edition. Here in Lewisham, Green and LibDem Councillors robbed Labour of overall control in 2006, and to be frank we've done quite well out of the impasse. Unlike neighbouring boroughs we still have weekly refuse collection and the Council is quite laid back about the contents of our bins, with recycling being largely optional and no compulsory segregation of food waste. LibDem councillors are also less sympathetic to the creation of instant slums full of Nigerian village girls by the Housing Associations, and have fought to retain our free-market Tory Zebra crossings from replacement by socialist 'the State decides when you cross' Pelican crossings.

All eyes will be on Barking and Dagenham, where the BNP is making a concerted effort to displace Labour, and two weeks of hot, sunny weather could help them. Those of you who know London will know that the Sun brings out into public spaces our warm-blooded immigrants like the Spring brings forth Daffodils; suddenly the streets rebound with mega-bass rap from open car windows and every street corner and garden wall is decorated with half a dozen exotic young chaps until late into the evening. This enhanced visibility may well sway B & D's voters, and even Dianne Abbot being carried though the streets on a vast Palanquin on the shoulders of her Nubian honour-guard with an escort of praise-rap singing choirs may fail to shift the vote.


Krauser said...

If the noose holds, can we do a Stalingrad on the encircled forces. Please!

Blue Eyes said...

When the LibDems ousted Labour in Lambeth they were even worse than the reds.