Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Raedwald's new little sister

I'm delighted to announce that Raedwald now has a little sister. Sorry, I know this is an age of austerity, but I couldn't let the chance pass by; she needs a bit of slap and some minor surgery before she's seen in public, but quidswise I'd have been an utter fool not to take her.


  • I could sell her tomorrow as she is for 3x what I paid
  • Virtually brand new Lister TS2 23hp air-cooled diesel, new Hurth 100 box, brand new prop and cutlass bearing, brand new stainless fuel tank
  • Heavy RN layup - built like a panzer
  • As she's under 7m and can't do more than 7kts, I'm immune in her to Labour's drink boating laws, which impose same fines / sentences on boaters with >80mg as on drivers, but which apply only to bigger / faster vessels. Not that I ever usually even get close to the limit, but the pleasure of being able to tell some officious MCA prodnose with an intoximeter to sod off is priceless
  • She needs a rudder / tiller crafted
  • Engine needs an alternator, air cleaner, starting panel, greaser and starting handle
  • Some new ply decking needed
  • New Morse engine control needed
  • Anchor and warp, nav light, some rewiring needed
Suggestions for names are welcome, and I reckon six to eight weeks before she's baptised.


Anonymous said...


hatfield girl said...

Might I suggest a small pavilion, with a fringe, for sea borne picnics? I expect there's even a proper name for it - awning? (she said nervously)

Bill Sticker said...

Aethelflaed, after the 10th century 'first lady of the Mercians'

Anonymous said...

Maggie. It can only be Maggie.

Mrs Rigby said...


Apparently it means 'little boat'
Found it here

Demetrius said...

Titanic 2? Have you shares in Kaupthing or RBS?

Anonymous said...

Sutton Hoo

It has to be doesn't it....

Coney Island

Guthrum said...

Aethelflaed- a powerful young woman definately!

Hope mother and child are doing well


William Gruff said...

Sell the bloody thing if it is worth three times what you paid for it and buy a nice little day-sailer, without an engine.

I've never understood the appeal of motorboats except as an alternative to rowing back from the pub.

General Lief Uckdup said...

Judging by its condition, you could do worse than use my name. Happy sailing.

Gary C. Sawyer said...

Anna. After the East Anglian king who baptised Cenwealh of Wessex.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@William Gruff - indeed.

Anonymous said...

@ William Gruff & Weekend Yachtsman - rather predictable comments from typical Yellow Welly Brigade members I think.

William Gruff said...

Anonymous @ 21:50 on 14/04/2010: A rather predictable pseudonym from a typical Yellow Belly Brigade member I think.

Anonymous said...

@ William Gruff - Happy to discuss your comment in person should you care to name a time & place?
As I don't Blog (just read)I don't believe I have a username option other than anonymous?