Friday, 23 April 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

Happy St George's Day to you all, and let's all celebrate those freedoms we have left that the State hasn't yet robbed from us.

I still have the freedom to take a train anywhere in the UK without a government permit or the sanction of the US security agencies. I still have the freedom to navigate my vessel in UK territorial waters without a government permit (though not beyond that limit any more). I don't need the State's permission to have a barbecue in my garden or drink alcohol or smoke in my own home. Intercourse remains unlicensed. I am free to read most books that have been published, and to listen to foreign radio stations without the risk of my front door being smashed down, unless they're in Arabic. I am free to possess tools in my own home, though I can't carry these in public without risk of arrest. I am free to choose the decor of my own home but no longer free to add an electrical spur socket or light fitting without State permission. I am free to use incandescent lamps, although their purchase is illegal. I am free to associate in public with up to two friends without police consent in advance. I am free to listen to people singing or playing musical instruments without State interference, so long as it's in the privacy of my own home or in theirs. I'm free to visit my family as long as fully State licensed adults, parents or guardians are present if there are any children under 16 there. I'm allowed to put State-approved specially purchased food out for the birds, but not food scraps or bread crumbs from my own kitchen. And I can eat with complete freedom and without State licence any fruit or vegetables I grow myself, though not meat or fish. And any food I buy rather than grow must be approved by the State in advance.

Happy St George's Day, all.


Guthrum said...

Wes Thu Hal Raedwald !

Nick Drew said...

any food I buy rather than grow must be approved by the State in advance


Raedwald said...


'Safer food, better business' (!!!)

EU labelling, packaging, etc. laws, licensing of premises where food is sold, import rules (straight bananas etc), UK licensing and regulation of game dealing, fish quotas and catch laws .. I could go on, but I'm sure you won't want me to

JuliaM said...

Well, that's provided the winner with a handy little 'To Do' list for May 7th... ;)

Happy St George's Day!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...but not food scraps or bread crumbs from my own kitchen"

Where does it say that then?

Chuckles said...

Weekend Yachtsman,

Defra says it, all over the place. The EU says it, and probably the RSPCA says it.


Under the UK Animal By-Products Order 1999 (as amended) it was illegal to allow livestock or wild birds access to catering waste which contained meat or products of animal origin, or which came from a premises handling meat or products of animal origin.
Catering waste is defined in the EU Regulation as ‘all waste food including used cooking oil originating in restaurants, catering facilities and kitchens, including central kitchens and household kitchens.’ This definition also includes catering waste from vegetarian restaurants and kitchens.

'Intercourse remains unlicensed.'

Well I'm not surprised, it's in Pennsylvania, and the liquor laws are very strict there.

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm off out to by some St George's Ale. Highly recommended, by me, by the way!

Nick Drew said...

'Safer food, better business' .. I could go on

call me a criminal but I shall continue to buy unauthorised cake (various), marmalade (mostly orange), sweets, ice-cream, home-made 'wine' etc etc, confections of the good Conservative ladies of Croydon, until they drag me away

(and incidentally I have *good reason to believe* the local Neighbourhood Policing team will not be rushing to apprehend me - though they did turn over a huge hydroponics enterprise just down the road recently ...)

Anonymous said...

The EU Nomenklatura have ordered their aparatchiks to further bind us into the tentacled mass.
If you think it can't be any worse, think again, the Germans are willingly deploying their famed meticulous (grober generalstab) planners- no stone will remain unturned and internet blogging is on the list next logical step = the thought police, which Nu-labour have already started the ball rolling, with 'hate crimes bill'.
So tell it like it is, Nu-Labour have ******g trashed this country brought us to the edge of penury and enthralled us (by signing constitreaty of Lisbon) into EU serfdom and the tripartate allianz will do nought to unbind us (the slaves).
They have us where they have always wanted us, Cleggover will love it ~ the Krauts have finally won the war.

Mrs Rigby said...


Will be borrowing this for later in the week.