Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sanguinis martyrum, semen christianorum

There is a particular virulence with which Dawkins and his dags attack the faith of Christian believers, and the crisis in the Catholic church has offered such people undreamed of opportunities for bile and spite. The Pope has also become fair game, it seems; even the teenage scribblers in the Foreign Office are now sufficiently enboldened to circulate offensive material.

No matter. It's no more than a trifle. Compared to the real martyrdoms of the 20th century in the Nazi extermination camps, Soviet gulags and the mass graves of the Spanish massacres, such petty spites are nothing. But such spites are still spiritually dangerous; as John Paul II said

Other difficulties in living the faith are not due only to external restrictions on freedom or to constraints by men, laws or regimes. They can also derive from customs and ways of thinking contrary to evangelical principles and which have a powerful influence on society. Again it could be the influence of materialism or religious indifference which kill spiritual aspirations, or the false and individualistic notion of freedom which confuses the possibility of choosing whatever gratifies one's passions with concern for fully developing one's human calling, spiritual destiny and the common good. Is it not this kind of freedom which forms the basis of human dignity and encourages Christian faith. Believers who are surrounded by such influences need great courage to remain faithful and to exercise their freedom properly. We must pray for them also. As Jesus said, we must fear those who can destroy the soul.
That the FO memo has found the light of day is a positive event; Tertullian may have little Christian blood to show for it, but even the smallest volume of rising sap from the growing seed can raise great stones.


Anonymous said...

I will point out that Dawkins' virulence does not involve burning people at the stake for worshipping the wrong sky fairy. Christianity, in any form, cannot say the same.

If you can show me proof of your god, Raedwald, I will worship him. That is all it will take for you to convert me. That is the only thing you need do to change my mind. I ask you: what will it take for you to change your mind and come over to my way of thinking?

Raedwald said...

Anon - what makes you think I have the remotest interest in converting you?

Anonymous said...

Speck and Log I associate with Dawkins who preaches homoeroticism is a healthy and normal practice even though there is no biological evidence to substantiate his teaching and the fruit of such indulgences are evident in their destruction of trust and fidelity to boy, man and country.
Anyone who calls any man good is a chalitan living off excuses why they live in the shadow of The Great One. They do not better in their own lives because they are told they have the insurance of a Get Out Of Jail free card.
I have a great interest in converting people back to themselves, it is my life's joy to able to assist them free. Smokers in huddles, coffee drinkers in kitchenettes who get my lastest blog of the day.
I had never witnessed a clone-Christian write to a stranger they did not heed Jesus' commandment: feed my sheep. I have now.

Anonymous said...

Psst, anon. God is within you. If you do not forgive your father you are made separate from him, and in this separation you look for an outward Heavenly Father an Allah to tell you what is permissible and what is not so you can live in forgetfulness without guilt. The only problem is you get very angry if someone reminds you of this reality.

When your paternal father is forgiven by you (because you had no place to judge anyone), and you apologised to him for holding resentments and grudges towards him, your connection to your inner father is returned. You become whole. You may even have to be your father's father for a time because he may not know The Way:
'Blessed are those who are poor in spirit without titles or vanity because they are ready and able to see and hear the Kingdom of God,
Blessed are they that are hungry for truth because they will seek and find it,
Blessed are they who weep because the uncovered truths hurt with pain and regret and once mourned (and not snatched away by the distraction of a cigarette or drink) they will laugh again set free to live as free people' Luke 6 17-26

The psychology is of forgiveness, remembering the anger in the beginning that made you start a journey of compulsive distration behaviour and attracting sycophants who used you, and repenting to those you condemned.

No one can forgive others to set them free, or ask others to forgive them to set them free.

It is when you forgive others and repent that you are then forgiven by your conscience (that every word of God). It was there all the time but you pushed it to one side for the ego to grow.

Asking someone to forgive you makes them your God and if they do relent to your pleas you set them up to play God, because now if you fall back to your old ways you can blame them.
They are guilty for giving what is not theirs to give and they became your protector and approver, and if you later do bad they are compelled to try and make you good again.

Repenters never ask for forgiveness, they appolgise. They release not take on a whole new justification.

Your conscience cannot forgive another person's conscience. You cannot fix them. Get out of their heads and stop playing mind games. If you do forgive they will blame you, the Church or God for the way they became with a new identity of righteous-anger and they will never find themselves.

Anonymous said...

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