Thursday, 8 April 2010

This week it's Bishkek and Osh

Foreign correspondents, in the footsteps of the redoubtable Boot, are no doubt packing their cleft sticks and anxiously scrutinising the Times world atlas to locate the two foreign towns de jour; Bishkek and Osh. BBC newsreaders will be getting their tongues around Kyrgyzstan's geography, with news that the population have rioted over energy prices (see Richard North's piece HERE) and the President has fled from the capital to his tribal homeland town of Osh.

No doubt we'll find out in the next few days why Kyrgyzstan is of importance; it'll either be a gas pipeline, or oil deposits, or a secret NATO airbase or something. The TV screens will flicker with images of swarthy peasants wearing the same Chinese Tee shirts and trainers as the Africans in our local shopping malls, but waving AK74 assault weapons about, and eventually the bullet-ridden corpse of the President / Prime Minister will surface.

Richard is right. Gordon Brown is unlikely to be dragged from the seats of his armoured limousine and hanged from a Midlands lamp post at any time in the near future, but the same anger that's been bubbling away in the central Asian republics has also been fermenting in Luton and Chatham. The world is at a pivot point, and the certainties of the past decades are crumbling. The old political parties are dying on their feet. Even the EU itself may, like the old Soviet Union, prove to have been built on foundations of straw.

Interesting times indeed.


Doubting Thomas said...

AK74 a next generation weapon i presume.

Anonymous said...

I just have to wonder what it would take to tip the population of this country over the edge. Unpalatable it might be, but I think it would be cathartic, in that it would be a cleansing moment, a reset button, for cleaner, more open and more honest actions from the current political cabal.

Coney Island