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Thursday, 6 May 2010

A cogent and compelling case against Labour / LibDems

I had contemplated breaking the '12' rating of this blog by reproducing the photograph from today's 'Sun' used to illustrate their point about John Locke. Or rather the quotes from 'Poppy' on the subject; no, not a domestic pet but a Page Three Girl. Both Harman and Clegg, the Sun says, want to condemn its Page Three Girls to the dole queue - so vote Cameron to save them.

The illustration - here - of a group of girls universally endowed with 'outies' proudly pointing skywards must indeed be a provocation to women such as Ms Harman whom age and gravity have left with 'downies' if not downright Spaniel's ears.

However, as 'Poppy' says, "The basis of Lockean thought is his theory of the Contract of Government, under which all political power is a trust for the benefit of the people. His thinking underpins our ideas of national identity and society. Please don't let those who seek to ban our beauty win."

And that, I think, is a cogent and compelling reason not to vote Labour or Libdem.

Right. Off to vote.


Sue said...

They're all nutters!

Isn't it up to the girls if they pose nude? They're all beautiful young women and have nothing to be ashamed of!

Have you noticed it's always ugly old bags that hate this sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

Like you, I voted early. Unlike the people you highlighted on Tuesday, I didn't make the necessary arrangements to vote often! So that's my opinion gone for a burton.

Anonymous said...

'downies' if not downright Spaniel's ears.

And that's just their labia...